OpenLogic Targets Open Source Support, Interoperability for Enterprises

8/10/2005 - OpenLogic, Inc., the leading provider of software and services that enable development and IT organizations to easily create and manage their own integrated, commercial-grade Open Source environments, announced partnerships that enhance its ability to provide one-stop Open Source solutions for enterprise customers.

Expanded Enterprise Support Coverage
OpenLogic's partnerships with Covalent, JBoss and MySQL enable enterprise customers to leverage specialized support and interoperability behind key components of the software development and deployment stacks they create using OpenLogic's BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite.

"By combining OpenLogic's unique solutions with the extended support services offered by our partner companies, enterprise organizations can obtain more complete coverage for their open source infrastructure," said Roy Kligfield, CEO of OpenLogic. "We're happy to be partnering with Covalent, JBoss and MySQL and are excited about what we can collectively do for customers."

Covalent -- Covalent is the leading provider of enterprise-class support for mission critical deployments of the Apache HTTP Web Server, Apache Tomcat Application Server, and Apache Axis Web Services Framework. OpenLogic is partnering with Covalent to deliver expanded Apache and Tomcat support for its enterprise customers that require it. "Covalent and OpenLogic complement each other well. We look forward to working together to provide flexible, full coverage Open Source solutions for enterprise customers using Apache and Tomcat," said Mark Brewer, CEO of Covalent.

JBoss -- Through its Professional Open Source model, JBoss provides advanced support and services for enterprise deployments of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS), including the popular JBoss application server. As an initial member in the JBoss Certified Solutions Partner program, OpenLogic worked with JBoss to ensure compatibility and interoperability between BlueGlue and the JEMS, providing assurance of interoperability to enterprise customers. "We designed the JBoss Certified Solutions program for ISVs such as OpenLogic that want to optimize their solutions to run on the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System," said Tom Cooper, vice president of worldwide channels, JBoss, Inc. "We are pleased that OpenLogic certified BlueGlue's full compatibility with JEMS."

MySQL -- The MySQL database server is the world's most popular Open Source database. MySQL is an alternative to higher-cost, more complex database technology. OpenLogic is a Silver level member of the MySQL Network Certified Partner program, enhancing interoperability and providing expanded support for customers using OpenLogic and MySQL products. With BlueGlue, MySQL users can quickly install, configure and integrate stable stacks that combine MySQL with a number of other popular Open Source projects on their Linux and Windows systems. "BlueGlue's tested and integrated Open Source stacks are helping pave the way for MySQL Network and other open source software in the enterprise," said Bertrand Matthelie, director of Alliances at MySQL AB. "We're happy to welcome OpenLogic as a MySQL Network Certified Partner."

Expanded Enterprise Linux Compatibility
With its latest release of the BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite, OpenLogic has added compatibility with popular enterprise-class versions of Linux from Red Hat and Novell. Through its participation in the Red Hat Ready program, OpenLogic has certified BlueGlue on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, versions 3 and 4. In addition, OpenLogic has certified BlueGlue on Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server, version 9 (SLES 9) and is a member of Novell's Ready program.

"With certification now on 7 versions of Linux and 3 versions of Windows, BlueGlue provides the kind of cross-platform coverage typically required for mixed development and deployment environments," said Rod Cope, CTO and Founder of OpenLogic.

OpenLogic -- Open Source Made Easy
OpenLogic is the leading provider of software and services that enable development and IT organizations to easily create and manage their own integrated, commercial-grade open source environments. Its BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite is the first software that automates the reliable installation, configuration, integration, test and maintenance of certified and supported stacks built from customer-specified combinations of over 125 leading open source projects. BlueGlue includes a robust knowledge base, professional documentation and over 15 sample applications to accelerate development and learning. As a result, customers benefit from the quality, choice and cost benefits of open source software without having to compromise on interoperability, dependability or management costs. For more on OpenLogic and BlueGlue, go to

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