FreeLinc Scores at MLB All-Star Game with FreeMotion 200 Wireless Headset

7/27/2005 - “Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies had their hands full helping protect Comerica Park during the 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Game last Tuesday, but at least those hands weren’t tied up with cables from their radios,” said Sheriff Warren Evans of Detroit. His department was the first in the world to field test the FreeMotionTM 200, a new wireless headset for two-way radios produced by Salt Lake City-based FreeLinc, Inc.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s office were posted in the recesses of Comerica Park during the All-Star Game, ready to respond to any critical incidents. Evans stated that twenty of his officers were equipped with the small, lightweight (30g) yet rugged headsets for the game.

“Any officer will tell you how frustrating it can be to have to fumble with radio controls, handsets and cords when trying to do a job,” Evans said. “It’s a particular concern in high-level operations where mental focus is paramount. The FreeMotion devices we tested allowed our team to communicate totally hands-free. So we worked with increased safety and security—without interruption.”

"The sound was very clear and the device was easy to use," said Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy Deana Migliaccio. "I could hear everything coming over the radio very well, even when the crowd was cheering. Other officers who didn't have the headset had a hard time hearing their radio.”

"The FreeMotion 200 headset has the distinction of being the world’s first wireless headset made for two-way radios” says Anthony J. Sutera, FreeLinc’s CEO. “Like all FreeLinc products, the FreeMotion is based on a unique wireless technology that provides dramatic benefits to the law enforcement community. We were honored and excited to see our products in use at the All-Star Game.”

The technology mentioned by Sutera is LibertyLinkTM, developed by Aura Communications Technology, Inc of Wilmington, Mass. LibertyLink is a near-field magnetic induction technology, which confines communication signals to a user’s personal space and protects them from eavesdroppers or interference. LibertyLink provides superior reliability, privacy and battery life over typical radio frequency (RF) based solutions – such as Bluetooth – in extremely short-range applications.

FreeMotion products provide up to twenty hours of continuous talk time on one battery charge. The headset features voice-operated transmission (VOX) to allow for completely hands-free, secure communication, which is unprecedented in the push-to-talk two-way radio world. FreeMotion 200 will be available for order directly from FreeLinc this fall.

About FreeLinc
Founded in 2003, FreeLinc emerged on the emergency response scene with the industry’s first and only wireless accessories for two-way radios. The Utah-based company’s innovative, patent-pending concepts answered users’ needs for space savings, reliability, durability and comfort while operating two-ways. FreeLinc’s product line was developed to fit commercial, public safety and government/military applications. By focusing exclusively on these markets, the wireless-accessories pioneer has been able to provide technologically superior products and back them with reliable, knowledgeable service. Its vigilant efforts to “untether” workers from their bulky two-ways have already earned it much growth and recognition. Hence FreeLinc is fast becoming known as a leading brand in mission-critical product design. FreeLinc will continue on this success track for years to come, refining existing products and introducing freedom-of-motion to vastly more customers across the country and around the globe.

LibertyLink and Aura are registered trademarks of Aura Communications Technology, Inc.

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