MIJ Mission Offers Insider Tour to Tokyo's Hottest Mobile Internet Players

7/25/2005 - Mobikyo K.K. announced the Mobile Intelligence Japan (MIJ) mission to Tokyo, 2-7 October 2005, a professionally guided tour to the heart of Japan's Wireless Revolution providing market intelligence, personal connections and actionable lessons for global markets.

Created by the editorial and research staff at the Wireless Watch Japan media site, the MIJ agenda is based on direct experience of who's doing what and who matters in Japan mobile. The mission is organized and guided by connected, experienced and respected professionals who are well placed to introduce participants to Japan's mobile thought leaders.

Since 2001, Japan's third-generation (3G) services have won 33.7 million mobile customers who are actively using QR bar-code readers, e-wallet-based m-commerce, mobile TV and radio, full-length CD-quality music downloads, avatars, enhanced messaging and a plethora of other mobile services developed and commercialized by carriers and their technology partners in this country's hyper-competitive, winner-takes-all mobile industry. And with three more operators set to bid on 3G licenses, competition and innovation will blow white hot in 2005-06.

MIJ participants meet the companies, talk to the experts and observe the technologies and services making 3G happen. MIJ is the best way to understand the mobile Internet ecosystem and extract success factors and business opportunities applicable to markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas and elsewhere. And when they return home, MIJ alumni bring back a competitive edge and integrated mobile intelligence that puts them in the forefront of new business development.

The October 2005 MIJ mission is scheduled to include:

The MIJ package fee is US$3,200 per person -- far lower than the cost of even a single, dated industry white paper written by non-insiders -- and includes full program participation, in-town transportation, 4X networking lunches, 6X networking dinners, entrance to CEATEC, joining instructions, assistance with planning flight & hotel, complimentary 6-month subscription to Wireless Watch Japan and lifelong lessons and connections that will significantly improve your competitiveness in mobile markets anywhere.

MIJ participation is limited to 15, assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information, executive summary and registration, access the MIJ website at: www.mobileintelligence.jp

About Mobikyo K.K.
Based in Tokyo, Mobikyo K.K.'s core business is the production and dissemination of media content, market intelligence and business information aimed at those seeking to establish, expand or strengthen their partnerships and commercial relations with Japan's wireless and IT industries. The company offers a range of information and business promotion services, including Mobile Monday networking events (www.mobilemonday.jp), the twice-yearly Mobile Intelligence Japan mission to Tokyo (www.mobileintelligence.jp) and the Wireless Watch Japan media site (www.wirelesswatch.jp). Mobikyo is particularly adept at helping foreign-capital companies connect with the domestic market. With the explosion of mobile networks, services and technologies in Japan, the company and its 4-year-old online media and market intelligence services are well positioned to assist outsiders become insiders. For more information, access www.mobikyo.jp.

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