Unicoi Rolls Out WebPilot Browser 7.4 for Embedded Environments

7/20/2005 - Unicoi, the most respected embedded software developer, announced the release of its WebPilot Browser 7.4, designed for embedded environments. WebPilot is a member of the Fusion family of embedded software products that are changing the landscape of intelligent devices.

The 7.4 release of WebPilot offers the same browser experience that users expect in a PC environment, yet is modular enough for an embedded platform. “From set-top boxes to PC Browsers, our customers are using the WebPilot Browser in very diverse applications,” said Greg Coonley, president of Unicoi. “While the Browser is extremely feature-rich, engineers can choose which features to deploy, creating the ideal balance of functionality, footprint, memory and power usage.”

Unlike other browsers, WebPilot provides advanced functionality like frames, tables, history and cookie management, without the requisite use of operating systems. WebPilot has been identified for use in applications such as set-top boxes, remote Internet devices, hand-held devices and kiosks. As with any Fusion product from Unicoi, WebPilot integrates seamlessly with the entire Fusion suite, allowing embedded engineers to take products to market more quickly.

“We strive to develop products that our customers need, before they need them,” continued Coonley. “In this case, we have continued to provide new releases of WebPilot without the use of any open source code, ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the curve and keep that advantage proprietary.”

Web Pilot’s static, configurable memory footprint makes it a solution with wide appeal across a variety of development environments. Input devices and displays of virtually any type, like keyboard, mouse and touch screen, can be used with WebPilot.

Other features of the WebPilot Browser are:

Unicoi’s key partners for chip development are Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE:ADI) and Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (NYSE:FSL). Both are members of the S&P 500®.

About Unicoi Systems
Unicoi Systems is the most respected developer of embedded software for diverse intelligent devices. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Unicoi is the provider of the revered Fusion line; the Fusion TCP/IP stack is the most widely deployed in the world. Existing solutions span the full breadth of embedded software needs and include products like VoIP Reference Design, Embedded Web Browser, the XML Product Suite and a complete range of security solutions. Through their fully integrated, reliable and established products, Unicoi’s software is an integral component in quickly bringing products to market that are smarter, smaller and more efficient. For more information, visit www.unicoi.com, email sales@unicoi.com or call 678-208-2250 ext 320.

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