Fujitsu Ten Adopts DK Design Suite for Automotive Electronics Design

7/19/2005 - Celoxica Ltd., the leading provider of C-based electronic system level (ESL) design and synthesis solutions, announced the adoption of its DK Design Suite of system design tools by Fujitsu Ten Limited, a leading provider of advanced automotive electronics. After comprehensive evaluation and testing, the DK Design Suite will be deployed for internal Fujitsu Ten product development and customer services business.

"Through extensive testing we have proved that we can integrate C-based design and synthesis with model based design approaches. This better enables us to turn software into silicon and it will have a beneficial impact on our productivity and our customer responsiveness," said Mr.Tonou, department general manager at Fujitsu Ten. "With CRMS we can offer our customers real-time modeling and simulation performance and enable engineers to identify issues in engine design much earlier than was previously possible. This leads to better product quality, improved reliability and lower costs."

Fujitsu Ten based their decision on the results of a large scale project to develop an advanced motor control hardware-in-the loop (HIL) simulator, CRMS. Algorithm design was shared between the DK Design Suite and Simulink model based design environment from the Mathworks. DK was also used for the algorithm acceleration, parallelization and direct implementation of the CRMS system and software models onto its simulation platform. The performance of the new CRMS HIL simulator is 100x faster that processor oriented solutions with significantly lower power consumption.

The new simulation platform developed for CRMS mounts high density Programmable SoCs to simulate the behavior of the motor in real time using a newly developed motor model suitable for reciprocating engines and hybrids. With its unique features designers can use the CRMS environment to develop motor control algorithms without a physical motor actuator and a drive circuit having been manufactured. This significantly reduces risks and costs and ease-of-use features accelerate development and improve productivity.

"It's exciting to work with innovative companies like Fujitsu Ten and I'm delighted that they have selected Celoxica as a key partner for their future product development and services business. Their approach to designing next generation electronics exemplifies what ESL is all about," said Phil Bishop president and CEO of Celoxica. "By bringing together C-based design and synthesis with model based design, Fujitsu Ten has successfully proved and put in to place the essential components for complex electronics design."

FUJITSU TEN was established in 1972 with the purpose of turning the radio and car related electronics businesses of FUJITSU LIMITED into a specialized business so as to strengthen and expand them. The mainstay businesses of FUJITSU TEN are "Infotainment equipment" including car audio, car navigation systems and mobile telecommunications equipment, and "Automotive electronics" such as engine and airbag control ECUs. Through these we have established our position as a car electronics maker based on sure-footed technology and customer confidence, and expanded our business on a global scale. Besides supplying equipment for use as brand-name products by TOYOTA and other automakers in Japan and overseas we are also in the commercial market with our ECLIPSE brand, which sells to high acclaim in countries around the world.

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