NCT Europe Makes Short List for European Electronics Award

7/8/2005 - Cambridge technology company NCT Europe has been short-listed for the prestigious European Electronic Awards, in recognition of their research and development in the field of noise reduction and echo cancellation in communication systems; technologies that are essential for today’s competitive voice systems.

NCT’s Clearspeech technology exists in millions of products around the world, such as 3G mobile phones and hands-free systems. ClearSpeech is also used in Formula 1 team communication systems, often regarded as the ultimate test for noise reduction software. ClearSpeech is very much an enabling technology for today’s mobile phones and communication systems, and for tomorrow’s voice recognition and in-car systems.

ClearSpeech is a suite of complex, highly refined software algorithms that provide noise cancellation for human listeners, noise cancellation for voice recognition, echo cancellation and signal conditioning. By removing background noise and voice echo, ClearSpeech is able to vastly improve voice quality in a diverse range of communication systems. ClearSpeech is even used in “drive thru” intercoms.

The NCT team, a combination of mathematicians and software engineers, has been developing voice technologies for the past 15 years, and the current version of ClearSpeech is the product of over 70 man years of research and development.

“Being shortlisted for this award is great news”, said Dr Gillian Davis, Managing Director of NCT. “Our voice technologies are helping some of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers and communication system developers to create better products, so it’s exciting for our team to have this recognition.”

Although NCT works closely with some of Cambridge’s leading technology companies, they also work with major manufacturers in the Far East, Scandinavia and the US. Their technology runs on a range of DSP’s (digital signal processors) and CPU’s and has recently been developed to run on Cambridge Silicon Radio’s Bluecore3, Bluetooth device.

About NCT Europe Ltd
Trading since 1990, NCT leads the world in the development of technologies for the removal of noise and echo from communication systems such as mobile phones, radio systems, intercoms, hands-free kits and voice recognition systems. By developing advanced software algorithms that run on DSP's (digital signal processors) and CPU's, NCT has enabled some of the world's top manufacturers to deliver high quality voice-based communication systems. NCT now has sales offices in the UK, the US and Japan. Visit -

NCT (Europe) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCT Group Inc. NCT Group, Inc. (NCTI) is a publicly-traded, high-tech company with a strong technology base. NCTI is rich in intellectual property with 578 patents and related rights.

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