CMC Introduces EE-SEC EmulationEngine for Real-time Testing of 802.11i

7/1/2005 - Extending its leadership in Wi-Fi test and analysis, Communication Machinery Corporation (CMC) unveiled the EE-SEC, a new member of the EmulationEngineTM Family that provides support for 802.11i Robust Security Network (RSN) test and analysis for critical aspects of wireless network security under full loads using multiple user-controllable wireless stations. For the first time with the EE-SEC, WLAN network and equipment designers can test their features, design topography and design performance in real-world load scenarios to ensure the highest, most reliable performance possible for their security enabled WLAN products in an environment as specified in IEEE 802.11i, 802.1x and 802.11 protocol operation. In addition, using the EE-SEC, enterprises and government network engineers can create custom test scenarios and loads to anticipate and identify performance and capacity problems before full secure wireless system deployment.

“WLAN security and performance of security enabled products is the key consideration today driving the rapid expansion of Wireless LAN into core enterprise, government and business environments,” said Dave Swan, CEO of Communication Machinery Corporation. “Our customers rely on CMC’s EmulationEngine to load, test, and verify their WLAN products performance to ensure they are selling solid, bug free, competitive products or designing and deploying robust and secure wireless networks.”

Only the EE-SEC includes the robust feature set that gives users the ability to control virtually all aspects of their 802.11i testing. Using the EE-SEC, technicians can configure each of the multiple vSTATM (virtual station) individually and independently to create real-world load scenarios and execute these tests with vSTA operating concurrently with bi-directional traffic and full security handshaking, exactly as if this were a multi-station loading situation deployed in an enterprise setting. This granular station-level control, over security and other parameters, and the EE-SEC’s ability to impose this load on the system under test ensures the most stringent standards are designed-in and tested for products and wireless networks –every time.

The EE-SEC RSN (also referred to as 802.11i and WPA2) support includes correct handling on an individual vSTA basis of the RSN information element in Beacons, Probe Responses, Association Requests, and the AKMP 4-way handshake, and user options for selection of RSN-PSK and RSN authentication types in addition to previous authentication modes. The EE-SEC supports six authentication modes including Open System, Shared Key, WPA-PSK, WPA, RSN-PSK, and RSN.

With the EE-SEC, CMC also has expanded support for the Extended Authentication Protocol (EAP), a protocol supporting multiple authentication methods for WLAN access. New EAP support includes two critical protocols for IEEE 802.1X EAPoL authentication under WPA and RSN, the Protected EAP (PEAP) and the Tunneled TLS (TTLS) authentication algorithms. These new features, combined with the EmulationEngine’s comprehensive support for TLS, allow network managers to rely on a single system for complete EAP test and analysis. The EmulationEngine supports the TLS, TTLS with MS-CHAPv2, PEAPv0 with EAP-MSCHAPv2, and PEAPv1 with EAP-MSCHAPv2 EAP algorithms.

In addition, with the EE-SEC, engineers can build and run test scenarios which can be saved for future use. They can also save the test run statistics and event log to a PC for review, analysis and reporting. After changing their design, adjusting the equipment, or tweaking the network, the engineers can run the same test scenarios and compare results to identify and eliminate potentially problems or to ensure performance and operation issues are addressed.

Price and Availability
The portable EE-SEC is priced between one-third to one-eighth the price of alternative systems, ensuring network engineers and designers that they can expand their test arsenal so units are readily available in multiple labs, in remote locations, and ready to be taken where needed. The EE-SEC is priced at $9,995.00 USD. Owners of EE-11abg and EE-11bg-c can purchase the EE-UGSEC upgrade option to add full EE-SEC capabilities to their existing EmulationEngine for $2,995.00 USD. Current EmulationEngine EE-WPA customers on EE-Support (CMC Annual Support) will be able to upgrade through a firmware download at no charge. CMC’s EE-Support package for the EE-SEC is priced at $1,495.00 USD. Volume discounts are available.

All products are available immediately from CMC. For additional information contact Dave Swan, Communication Machinery Corporation, 402 E. Gutierrez Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101; Phone: 805.879.1521; Fax: 805.564.7188;;

About Communication Machinery Corporation
Communication Machinery Corporation provides a suite of test and analysis products that are essential tools for the design, deployment and support of all 802.11 based products, appliances and Wireless LAN networks. CMC’s award-winning EmulationEngine family enables stress, scalability and performance testing through the use of multiple concurrent user-controlled virtual stations (vSTATM) from a single 802.11 emulation platform.

EmulationEngine, vSTA, EEAnalyst and EEScenario are trademarks of Communication Machinery Corporation.

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