KUKA Controls Debuts CeWin 3.3, VxWin 3.0 Real-Time Extensions for OMAC

6/30/2005 - KUKA Controls, a leading developer of real-time operating system software, announces the latest releases of CeWin 3.3 and VxWin 3.0 real-time extensions giving developers a foundation for following OMAC guidelines. These nonproprietary extensions allow real-time operating systems, either Microsoft Windows® CE or Wind River VxWorks®, to reside concurrently on a single processor with Windows XP. They enable an application to be optimized for the features of each operating system. Windows CE or VxWorks is available for data acquisition, motion control and PLC operations, while Windows XP handles the high-end visualization and connectivity features. The architecture of CeWin and VxWin enables suppliers of industrial controls to maximize system flexibility and connectivity while minimizing cost, maintenance and training. The design is highly safe and reliable as evidenced by the installed base of nearly 50,000 industrial robots worldwide utilizing this technology.

In practice, designers can incorporate commercial off-the-shelf COTS versions of VxWorks or Windows CE (RTOS) with a COTS version of Windows XP into their systems to produce hard real-time performance with all the additional advantages of the Windows XP operating system. No proprietary optimizations or modifications need to be made. Communication between the RTOS and Windows occurs over a shared memory TCP/IP network interface.

The addition of Windows XP standardizes connectivity with the enterprise, offers a selection of high-end graphical interfaces as well as availability of the wide range of Windows XP applications. Use of a single system also increases overall reliability while lowering hardware and programming costs and reducing power consumption and system size and weight. The system is highly modular. Applications can be scaled to multiple CPUs using a hardware network interface. Application training requirements can be reduced because of industry familiarity with Windows XP.

"Recognizing the industry acceptance of VxWorks, Windows CE, and Windows XP along with the maturity and installed base of CeWin and VxWin greatly assists system providers in meeting the guidelines of OMAC when supplying to the automotive industry," notes Gerd Lammers, director of sales and marketing worldwide. "Both CeWin and VxWin gives automotive suppliers the foundation for developing economical, maintainable, open, modular and scalable systems."

KUKA Controls markets software products and services worldwide addressing the automotive, aerospace, industrial automation, medical, robotics and test and measurement markets. More information on the applications, features and benefits of the new software can be obtained by visiting the KUKA Controls web site at www.kuka-controls.com. Full-featured software evaluation software can be requested at sales@kuka-controls.com.

About KUKA Controls GmbH / www.kuka-controls.com
KUKA Controls GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of KUKA Roboter GmbH, the number one European industrial robot supplier and a part of IWKA AG Group. KUKA Controls specializes in real-time software, operating systems, motion control, graphical user interfaces (GUI), handhelds, dynamic algorithms, PC-based hardware development and application programming. KUKA Controls globally markets real-time extension technology for automation and robotics as well as for test and measurement instrumentation, and for medical devices and equipment. KUKA robot controllers are developed and produced for the parent company.

About KUKA Roboter GmbH
KUKA Roboter, based in Augsburg, Germany, is a member of the IWKA Aktiengesellschaft Group (Karlsruhe) and ranks among the world's leading suppliers of industrial robots. Core competencies are the development, production and sale of industrial robots, controllers, software and linear units. The company is the market leader in Germany and Europe, and number three in the world. The KUKA Robot Group employs about 1,650 people worldwide. In 2003, sales totaled 420 million euro. Over 20 subsidiaries provide a presence in the rest of Europe, the U.S. and Asia. For more information on KUKA Roboter GmbH, online information can be viewed at www.kuka.com

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