Wi-LAN Teams with G7 to Advance Development of Libra Mobilis Products

6/28/2005 - Wi-LAN Inc. (TSX:WIN) and G7 Soft Co. Ltd. (G7 Soft) announced an agreement to advance the development of Wi-LAN's Libra Mobilis products for public transit applications. Once it completes further development of the products, G7 Soft will be the exclusive seller of the products in South Korea, and Wi-LAN will retain exclusive rights to sell Libra Mobilis products elsewhere. The agreement includes profit-sharing provisions for product sales.

"Libra Mobilis has demonstrated some very exciting results in field trials with key transportation customers in South Korea," said Mr. Young - Hoon Oh, Chief Executive Officer of G7 Soft. "The products provide a throughput capability that other products cannot achieve, allowing streaming security surveillance videos from inside trains at demonstrated speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour. The system also has enough bandwidth remaining to provide value-added services such as backhaul of mobile WiFi and video advertising to train customers. We believe this product has a very promising future for improving the security and market appeal of public transit."

"This agreement enables Wi-LAN to focus its research and development efforts on its core WiMAX products, while capitalizing on its previous pioneering development of the Libra Mobilis products for the Intelligent Transportation Systems market," said Bill Dunbar, Chief Executive Officer of Wi-LAN. "G7 Soft has seen strong interest in Libra Mobilis from some key rail transit customers in South Korea, so they are keen to develop the additional features and functionality that these customers desire. Wi-LAN will benefit from their development efforts through profit-sharing of the Libra Mobilis products sold by G7 Soft in South Korea, and through a larger share of the profits on products that we sell elsewhere in the world."

Libra Mobilis features uninterrupted service for mobile mission-critical security applications, and seamless access for transit passengers who wish to catch up on email or browse online news during their commute. It delivers a dynamic link ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming video and Internet browsing, while delivering low latency, making it suitable as a VoIP solution. Additional development will be based on Wi-LAN's WiMAX system-on-chip technology.

About G7 Soft Co. Ltd.
G7 Soft has developed leading technology that meets the needs of broadband data communications in the rapidly growing Korean market. The power of this cutting-edge technology has put G7 Soft at the forefront of the information and communications infrastructure and network solutions fields. G7 Soft's primary clients are major telecom companies and Internet service providers including Korea Telecom, Hanaro Telecom and DACOM. In addition to its headquarters in Seoul and its R&D centre and factory in Bundang Technopark, Korea, G7 Soft has international marketing offices in the United States (Boston), Brazil and Thailand. Detailed information can be found at www.g7soft.co.kr

About Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN is a global provider of broadband wireless communications products and technologies, offering businesses, including telecom service providers, and government enterprises effective, economic and secure wireless high-speed communications solutions. Wi-LAN specializes in high-speed Internet access, data network extension, wireless Voice-over-IP, and wireless data and telephony backhaul, utilizing its high quality products and industry-leading technologies. Wi-LAN's broadband wireless solutions feature an all-inclusive 2-year parts and labor warranty and are supported by 24/7 customer service.

Wi-LAN believes its portfolio of patents, including its core W-OFDM patents and 17 patents and patent applications acquired from Ensemble Communications in May 2004, are necessary for the implementation of devices using the IEEE 802.16 WirelessMAN Standard and the ETSI BRAN HiperMAN standard (the WiMAX Forum standards). As well, Wi-LAN's W-OFDM patents are believed to be required for the implementation of devices using the IEEE standards 802.11a and 802.11g (the 2nd generation Wi-Fi Alliance standards), and the ETSI BRAN HiperLAN/2 standard. Wi-LAN licenses its patented technology and has executed non-exclusive W-OFDM license agreements with semiconductor and broadband wireless equipment companies.

Wi-LAN is the chair company of the OFDM Forum and a charter member of the WiMAX Forum (www.wimaxforum.org). Wi-LAN's common shares trade on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "WIN." Detailed information on Wi-LAN can be found at www.wi-lan.com.

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