Tadiran Adopts Celoxica DK Design Suite for C-based Design and Synthesis

6/28/2005 - Celoxica Ltd., announced that Tadiran Communication Ltd., a leading provider of military communications technology, has adopted the Celoxica DK Design Suite of C-based design and synthesis tools to accelerate its next generation of product design. The extensive evaluation focused on Military Tactical Radios and Systems in the HF, VHF, and UHF bands. The DK Design Suite will be deployed to implement very complex signal processing and communications algorithms in FPGA hardware.

"The type of design work we undertake is becoming more complex and more time critical, and we needed a design tool that would enable us to achieve increased flexibility, faster development and easier maintenance," said Danny Koenig, modems director for Tadiran Communications Ltd. "We believe that the new generation of high-level language design tools give us these capabilities and consider the DK Design Suite to be the most proven and best available solution."

"The algorithms and levels of design complexity tackled by Tadiran just don't lend themselves to an implementation route where translation into HDLs is mandatory," said Sandeep Ram, vice president of European sales for Celoxica. "Our C-based design and synthesis technology offers compelling benefits to designers of very complex systems where speed and intuitive design are key."

Israeli based Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (AST) supported Tadiran through the evaluation and procurement process providing local expertise in electronic system level C-based design and synthesis.

About Celoxica
An innovator in Electronic System Level (ESL) design, Celoxica is turning software into silicon by supplying the design tools, boards, IP and services that enable the next generation of advanced electronic product design. Celoxica technology raises design abstraction to the algorithm level, accelerating productivity and lowering risk and costs by generating semiconductor hardware directly from C-based software descriptions. Adding to a growing installed base, Celoxica provides the world's most widely used C-based behavioral design and synthesis solutions to companies developing semiconductor products in markets such as consumer electronics, defense and aerospace, automotive, industrial and security. For more information, visit: www.celoxica.com.

About Tadiran
With over 40 years of experience, Tadiran Communications Ltd. is a respected world leader in military communications technology. Serving the needs of all combat echelons - from the individual soldier, squad and platoon, to the division and corps levels - Tadiran Communications Ltd. develops reliable, battle-tested products and systems with a multitude of configurations essential for combat environments, and tailors them to the needs of its customers around the world. For more information, visit: www.tadiran-com.co.il

About AST
Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (AST) is the local distributor for Celoxica products in Israel. Today, AST serves as a focal point in the Israeli market for state of the art Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) and ASIC and FPGA Design Services. AST's team of highly skilled Sales and Application Engineers combine over 100 years of experience. AST provides Turn-Key services as well as on-site support and consulting, in the areas of EDA, Configuration Management (CM), Grid Computing, ASIC and FPGA Design. For more information, visit www.ast.co.il.

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