Epson Unveils High-Speed Network Controller with Open-Source Firmware

6/27/2005 - Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson; TSE: 6724) has extended its S1S60000 series of network controllers, which enable easy, inexpensive networking, with the newly-developed S1S60020. The new product features high-speed transmission and open-source firmware.

In addition to offering easy networking - the concept on which the current S1S60000 series is based - the new S1S60020 is over five times faster than existing models, thanks to hardwiring of network processes, larger memory capacity and use of Epson's newly-developed original RISC processor, the S1C33PE.

Moreover, open source TOPPERS/JSP and TINET are used for the operating system and protocol stack, so all source code is accessible, including that for driver software and sample applications developed by Epson. This enables users to freely customize the software. Volume shipment of this product will begin in August 2005.

Nagoya University Professor of Information Engineering Hiroaki Takada, who is chairman of the TOPPERS project, offered the following comments on the use of TOPPERS/JSP and TINET for the new S1S60020 controller: "The TOPPERS project aims to promote embedded system technology and stimulate industry by developing various types of software as platforms for embedded systems and making this high-quality open-source software available to all. The release of products making use of the fruits of this project - the TOPPERS/JSP kernel and TINET (TCP/IP stack protocol) - will free a great many engineers from the troublesome work of constructing real-time kernels and protocol stacks. This is precisely in line with the objectives of the TOPPERS project."

To accelerate the pace of home networking, Epson will further enhance the functions of its network controllers and network camera controllers to offer new home networking solutions.

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