Seiko Epson 4-bit Microcomputer Cuts Power Consumption by Two Thirds

6/23/2005 - Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson") announced the development of the S1C63708, an ultra-low-power 4-bit microcomputer ideal for use in watches and clocks.

This product uses newly developed circuitry to achieve ultra-low power consumption by the power source and the oscillator. With typical low-speed operation consuming current of just 0.15mA (in halt/3.0V/LCD off), power consumption is reduced to one third that of earlier models. The product will be shipped as a bare chip*1, and shipment of samples will begin in September. Volume production is scheduled to commence in December 2005 with an estimated monthly output of one million units.

In order to meet customers' diverse needs, Epson will continue to expand its lineup of products featuring low-power technology.

Product Overview
The S1C63708 is a microcomputer with a CMOS 4-bit core, integrating elements including ROM (8,192 words x 13-bit), RAM (1,024 words x 4-bit), serial interface, PWM programmable timer, LCD driver (32 segments x 6 commons), sound generator and stepping motor driver on a single chip.

An earlier Epson microcomputer*2 had already achieved the industry's lowest level of power consumption, but the S1C63708 consumes only one third as much power. This will enable dramatic improvements in battery life for applications where increased consumption of current is an issue, such as radio-controlled timepieces.

The built-in LCD driver and stepping motor driver make this product suitable for analog quartz, digital quartz, and mixed analog/digital quartz timepiece applications.

*1 QFP20-144(plastic) also under consideration
*2 The S1C63666 series: Typ. 0.45 mA (in halt/3.0V/LCD off)

About Seiko Epson Corporation
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