Telegesis Rolls Out ETRX1 Meshing RF Module for ZigBee Market

6/22/2005 - Last week at the ZigBee Alliance Open House in Oslo, Telegesis formally announced the arrival of ETRX1 - a meshing RF module that enables easy integration into industrial and other applications. Designed as a complete hardware solution on one tiny board the ETRX1 will allow companies to quickly tap into the lucrative ZigBee market for wireless control and monitoring products without requiring in-house RF engineering experience.

Incorporating the ZigBee ready Ember meshing stack - EmberNet - the ETRX1 module is built around Ember's EM2420 radio and an Atmel Atmega 128L microprocessor. An over-the-air upgrade to the new fully compliant EmberZnet stack will be available within the month.

In addition to the compact hardware design Telegesis has introduced a comprehensive AT style command layer to facilitate rapid adoption of the technology. This familiar format will enable engineers to communicate easily and simply with the meshing software and move quickly to full integration.

The module measures only 37.75mm x 20.45mm and is surface mountable. It will carry a GigaAnt RUFATM antenna and will be fully CE/FCC tested eliminating the need for end-product certification. Alternatively, customers can specify a Hirose H.FL connector for external antenna applications. The ETRX1 operates in the 2.4GHz ISM bandwidth and the technology is IEEE 802.15.4 compliant.

To compress development times OEM's can assess the ETRX1 using the supporting development board which is available in a low cost kit complete with power pack, RS232 cable, two modules and downloadable Telegesis Terminal software. Distribution of the module in the UK is via Spectre Communications Ltd. - part of the Flint Group - ( Other European and worldwide distributors are as listed at

About Telegesis
Telegesis is a specialist wireless development company based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK.

About Ember
Ember - based in Boston, US and Cambridge, UK - is the world's leading exponent of embedded networking software and is a key promoter of the ZigBee Alliance.

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