DVS Adds 64 Bit Processor Architecture Support to Centaurus Board

6/22/2005 - By up-rating its video board Centaurus® with fully compatible 64 bit processor architecture, DVS strengthens its position in the international OEM business. DVS' OEM board Centaurus® now supports AMD64 and Intel EM64T processor architecture under the 64 bit version of the Linux operating system. The architecture based on 64 bit processing facilitates greatly increased processing speeds, offering manufacturers of digital video solutions significantly more performance for their products. Centaurus is the first video board in the area of professional video to support the 64 bit technology.

In addition to higher data throughput and faster processing speeds, 64 bit architecture enables the addressing of larger memory blocks. This ability removes the limitation of previous versions. The higher throughput has a very positive impact when storing and playing high bandwidth HDTV in RGB and digital film 2K resolutions. The systems based on Centaurus handle film and video formats from SDTV, HDTV up to 2K RGB comfortably.

Migrating to the new 64 bit architecture is unproblematic for users. DVS' OEM customers profit from the fact that the 64 bit DVS-SDK (Software Development Kit) is totally compatible with the 32 bit and Windows SDKs.

With its big increase in inherent data rate and performance, 64 bit technology is now becoming the leading-edge industry standard. In Q3 2005, DVS plans to support WindowsXP 64 too.

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