Intrinsyc Software Unveils Beta Program for J-Integra Espresso

6/21/2005 - Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX:ICS) announced its beta program for J-Integra Espresso, a new set of development tools and high-performance run-time components that bridge Java, CORBA and Microsoft .NET technologies. J-Integra Espresso is built on top of a pure .NET implementation of IIOP (Inter-ORB Protocol) exclusively licensed from Middsol GmbH, a German software company based in Hamburg.

This new J-Integra Espresso product is aimed at software architects and developers, whether End-Users, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or System Integrators, with a need for a bi-directional, high-performance, secure and scalable interoperability bridge between Java, CORBA and Microsoft .NET. While existing J-Integra products implement standard Microsoft protocols in pure Java, J-Integra Espresso implements the standard RMI/IIOP binary protocol present in all J2EE and J2SE Java environments in pure Microsoft .NET. This approach remains consistent with Intrinsyc Software’s simple, one-sided deployment philosophy and provides alternatives when deployment restrictions prevent any software changes on the Java side. J-Integra Espresso also delivers significantly higher performance compared to all other commercial and open-source middleware alternatives and most importantly, provides a secure, scalable and efficient alternative when pure Web Services cannot meet performance objectives.

Developers can use J-Integra Espresso within their favorite Visual Studio or Eclipse development environment and easily link Microsoft .NET applications with CORBA and Java based systems. J-Integra Espresso is written as fully managed C# code and is therefore compatible with any .NET language (C#, ASP.NET,…). The solution also includes full Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) support and readily works with all major J2EE application servers, including IBM Websphere, BEA Systems WebLogic, JBoss and Sun.

“This latest addition to the J-Integra family of products enables our customers to select the best middleware options for all their interoperability needs”, says Guylain Roy-MacHabée, Vice President Interoperability Solutions for Intrinsyc Software. “With an increased industry focus on Service Oriented Architecture, J-Integra Espresso enables designers to easily implement high-performance, secure and scalable solutions where Web Services clearly cannot meet design objectives”.

The Beta release of J-Integra Espresso will be available on June 30, 2005, and version 1.0 will be commercially available for licensing on August 1st 2005. Customers interested in participating in the beta program can sign up online at Access to this program is limited and selected beta users will benefit from commercial discount and support incentives when version 1.0 is released.

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Summary of J-Integra Espresso Features

About J-Integra Enterprise Interoperability Solutions
Intrinsyc Software’s Enterprise Interoperability Solutions business unit delivers proven enterprise middleware technologies that seamlessly connect any Windows and any Java application. This suite of licensable technologies called J-Integra, include solutions for bi-directional bridging of Java to Microsoft COM, Java to Microsoft .NET and Java to Microsoft Exchange.

J-Integra for COM, J-Integra for .NET and J-Integra for Exchange are licensed and used by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide to effectively integrate and harness the most powerful features of Java and Microsoft technologies. J-Integra has been successfully integrated into many Independent Software Vendors’ commercial products for use in Financial, Data/Communications, Information Technology, Medical and Healthcare applications.

To find out more about J-Integra, visit: For product related information, please contact us.

About Intrinsyc
Intrinsyc Software is a mobility software and services company. Our technologies and services allow companies to identify and create innovative solutions that make mobile devices connect and work. Intrinsyc Software’s unique experience enables companies to deliver winning mobile devices and solutions that build stronger and more profitable businesses.

Since 1996, Intrinsyc Software has used its innovations, creativity and technical agility to help over 2000 enterprise customers connect their applications together, and bring more than 200 leading-edge products to market. Intrinsyc Software has a strong customer base and has formed solid partner alliances with some of the leading technology companies in the world.

Intrinsyc Software is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with additional regional development offices in Bellevue, Washington and Birmingham, UK. To find out more about Intrinsyc Software, visit:

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