VA Linux Systems Rolls Out FlexPOP Fast and Secure POP Server

6/21/2005 - VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux), Japan's leading Linux and Open Source solutions provider, has announced the release of 'FlexPOP', a fast and secure POP server which supports large-scale systems, and an Open Source Software solution. FlexPOP is a part of the company's VA FMS (FlexMessaging Solution), a total messaging solution for use in small-to-middle scale organizations to large scale network service providers with over one million accounts.

FlexPOP supports the Maildir format, thus it can be used on large-scale systems which use NFS spools. Other features include user authentication with LDAP, POP before SMTP support, POP lock (mutual exclusion) support when accessed concurrently, timeout setting support for POP commands, delayed response support when POP authentication errors occurred, among many others.

FlexPOP source code can be obtained from FlexPOP Project( hosted on Through opening source code and technology, VA Linux hopes to receive feedback from users, which will contribute to improving the robustness and reliability of FlexPOP in the future.

Most of the software which composes VA FMS except FlexPOP has been released under Open Source licenses such as GNU GPL, thus source codes for such software has been already available for its users. VA Linux carefully considered the pros and cons of releasing in-house original tools such as FlexPOP as Open Source Software, and this time decided to release it as an OSS. Also, in case VA Linux improved existing software, it elaborately considers the possibility of merging such improvements on the upstream level, and if possible, VA Linux will contribute such additional codes to the upstream.

"This move is a clear evidence that VA Linux suits the action to the word" said Tetsuya Ueda, President and CEO of VA Linux in Tokyo. "We did what we said in our `Statement of Our Commitments on Open Source Software' ( released on February 22nd, 2005. VA Linux always thinks that the collaboration with international communities of Open Source developers is important, and promises it will always be with Open Source."

About VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.
Founded in September 2000, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux), which has based its operations on the development of Linux and Open Source, has become one of the premier providers of Linux kernel, technological, and software solutions in the Japanese domestic market. From March 2004 onward, VA Linux has been the recipient of funding from NTT Comware and NTT Data. VA Linux is currently at the forefront of implementing Linux solutions for telecommunication and enterprise system markets. For more information, please visit

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