Uniqall Reveals Gridborg Host Media Processing Control Protocol Specs

6/20/2005 - In order to cater to VoIP developers outside of the Envox community, Uniqall made available the long-awaited specification of its Gridborg Host Media Processing control protocol.

Due to the closed specification of control protocol, version 1.0 of Gridborg HMP worked only in conjunction with Envox Communication Development Platform. That fact left a bit bitter taste in mouths of many computer telephony developers outside of the Envox community who downloaded the evaluation version of Gridborg HMP 1.0 -- eager to take advantage of Uniqall's innovative 'per processor - all you can eat' licensing model.

However, this time they will be of better luck. Today Uniqall made the first alpha version of its upcoming Gridborg HMP 1.1 available for free evaluation and download. This alpha release includes detailed Gridborg HMP Protocol specification that is going to enable non-Envox developers to use Gridborg HMP in their telephony applications. "Only one competing vendor has HMP building blocks based on client-server architecture, and even that one exposed only C/C++ APIs through their drivers. By opening of the Gridborg HMP control protocol, we made the use of Gridborg HMP possible to all developers regardless of their preferred programming or scripting language." said Boris Pavacic, CTO of Uniqall, Inc. "This may be particularly interesting to those developers that wish to use tools that are not mainstream in the telephony world -- Java or the 3P stack (Perl, Python, PHP) per instance."

This time developers that use other CT toolkits, CT application servers or VoXML & CCXML browsers may down the road benefit as well. Their vendors are going to be able to integrate support for Gridborg HMP, and thus greatly reduce the total cost of ownership of their products.

New and upcoming features in Gridborg HMP 1.1 include the support for plugable codecs, VoIP QoS (Quality of Service), T.38 FoIP (Fax over IP), AGC/Normalization, Transaction Recording, Redirect Number, as well as event-based Active Talker notifications.

HMP (Host Media Processing) is the concept where both network connectivity and media processing are solved in software, thus freeing developers of computer telephony applications from the need of having expensive telephony boards included in equation. Other HMP vendors include Intel/Dialogic, Brooktrout/Snowshore, NMS/PacketMedia, Eicon/SoftIP, Aculab/Prosody S and Commetrex/Bladeware.

About Uniqall, Inc.
Incorporated in the United States with its corporate headquarters and development organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, Uniqall is the world's first Host Media Processing vendor that has no telephony boards hardware business as well. By handling both network connectivity and media processing in software, its Gridborg Host Media Processing software enables computer telephony application developers to avoid use of expensive telephony boards. Uniqall is focused on delivering outstanding price/performance advantages to its customers. For more information, please visit www.uniqall.com

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