VMETRO Launches VORTEX CompactPCI High-Speed Data Recorder

6/15/2005 - VMETRO announces a new addition to their powerful High-Speed Data Recorder family with the VORTEX CompactPCI. The VORTEX CompactPCI brings 385 MB/s high performance and flexibility to the popular CompactPCI form factor. This addition also introduces a new name for the entire family of High-Speed Data Recorders, VORTEX. The products formerly known as MDR (a VME based architecture) and Marlin (an industrial PC based architecture) will now be part of the VORTEX family.

“With the introduction of the VORTEX product range and the addition of the CompactPCI version, VMETRO will make high-speed recording solutions more accessible to customers” says Harald Schibbye, VMETRO’s Product Manager for Recording Solutions. “I am sure the VORTEX product line will fulfill the demanding recording requirements our customers have.”

The VORTEX Data Recorders are a range of pre-programmed or customer programmable, high-speed recording products based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and open standards such as VME, CompactPCI, PCI/PCI-X, Fibre Channel, Serial FPDP and FPDP/FPDP II. The VORTEX product range can be used to implement solutions with recording and playback speeds from below 100 MB/s to several GB/s of sustained bandwidth, with storage scalable to several Terabytes using high-performance disk drives.

In order to allow customer to easily integrate VORTEX products into their applications, either for development or deployment purposes, VMETRO offers Application Kits. These VORTEX Application Kits provide pre-programmed functionality such as FPDP/FPFP II and Serial FPDP recording, analog recording and multi-channel recording with time stamping, and include the software and hardware required. Several VORTEX Application Kits are available with source code for maximum flexibility, adaptability and usability.

VMETRO has significant experience in tailoring Data Recorders to the customer’s requirements, including integrating his hardware and software components to form a turn-key recording solution.

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