Atomikos Offers J2EE Programming Model Without Application Server

6/7/2005 - Is your organization struggling with the complexities of J2EE applications? Are you having a hard time finding the qualified developers? Or maybe you are tired of the poor testability of your enterprise applications? You are not alone. It is time to admit that the J2EE programming model is simply too complex. Fortunately, there is now a viable alternative, one that even lets you get rid of the application server altogether.

This solution consists of Spring and Atomikos Transactions 2.1. As one of the most popular so-called "light-weight containers", Spring drastically simplifies the programming model of J2EE applications: it suffices to know regular Java programming instead of the sophisticated and clumsy Enterprise Java Beans model (proposed for 'default' J2EE applications). In combination with Atomikos Transactions, your applications can run both inside and out of the application server, with the same level of reliability and performance. This implies a drastic improvement in simplicity, elegance, testability, maintainability and even reliability.

According to Guy Pardon, CTO of Atomikos: "We have always focused on making Java applications more reliable, be it inside or outside the J2EE application server. Our product integrates with major J2EE application servers, as well as with Spring or any J2SE application. Combined with Spring, we can now offer a complete J2EE platform that only requires J2SE to run. The result is a big improvement, and can even be used in embedded environments where a full J2EE application server would simply eat all the hardware resources." Transactions 2.1 can be downloaded from (developer licenses are free).

About Atomikos
Atomikos is a leading vendor of OLTP (online transaction processing) software allowing automatic recovery of message queues, databases as well as peer processes in distributed systems. For projects in which data quality is mission-critical, Atomikos offers transaction manager products that keep your data consistent, across disparate datasources or back-end systems. Unlike third-party products like CICSTM (IBM, mainframe) or TuxedoTM (Bea, workstations), the Atomikos products are optimized for easy integration into your solutions and are platform-independent.

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