Wind River's Carrier Grade Linux Supports Artesyn's ATCA Telecom Blades

6/2/2005 - Artesyn Communication Products, a subsidiary of Artesyn Technologies (NASDAQ: ATSN), announced the availability of Wind River Systemsí Platform for Network Equipment for Artesynís KatanaQp AdvancedTCA telecom blade.

Wind River's Platform for Network Equipment combines Linux 2.6 and OSDL Carrier Grade Linux with Wind Riverís Eclipse-based Workbench development suite and a rich set of networking middleware. The Platform makes it easy for telecom OEMs to develop and deploy network infrastructure equipment based on Artesynís KatanaQp ATCA blade.

The KatanaQp is a high-performance ATCA telecom blade that combines two PowerPC® MPC7447A processors with four PTMC expansion sites, IPMI-based system management, and a PICMG 3.1-compliant ATCA interface. The KatanaQpís high-speed PowerPC processors, switched fabric ATCA interface, flexible mezzanine expansion, and integrated system management make it easy to configure for a wide variety of control and packet processing applications, including WAN access, SS7/SIGTRAN signaling, media gateways, traffic processing, wireless base stations and softswitches.

ďWe are seeing tremendous interest in embedded Linux as a platform for building high-availability network infrastructure products,Ē said Todd Wynia, vice president of marketing at Artesyn. ďWind River has taken in the lead in combining carrier-grade Linux with an easy-to-use development environment. Their Platform for Network Equipment, together with our configurable multiprocessor KatanaQp blades, provides an excellent foundation for building a wide range of high-performance ATCA-based network infrastructure systems.Ē

Wind River's Platform for Network Equipment provides a complete implementation of Linux 2.6 with CGL 2 extensions. The pre-emptive kernel features high-resolution timers, fast user-space mutexes, and a native POSIX thread library. CGL v2 extensions include an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), Hardware Platform Interface (HPI), heartbeat monitor, hot-plug, and Ethernet link aggregation failover. Networking support includes IPv4/IPv6, SNMP management, and a comprehensive suite of open source networking protocols and applications, including DHCP, FTP, HTTP, NFSv4, NTP, PPP, SCTP, Telnet, VLAN, SSL, SSH, and IPsec.

Wind Riverís Workbench provides a comprehensive development environment for KatanaQp-based applications. Host development tools include a state-of-the-art GNU GCC cross-tool-chain, Linux cross-build system and root file system creation tools. The Eclipse-based kernel and package configuration tools include an enhanced project and project build system, editor, source code analyzer, debugger, target manager, and On-Chip-Debug (JTAG) plug-in.

The KatanaQp features two 1.4-GHz PowerPC MPC7447A processors, 64 Kbytes of L1 instruction/data cache, one Mbyte of L2 cache, two Gbytes of SDRAM, 64 Mbytes of flash memory, and built-in support for symmetric multiprocessing. The KatanaQp also features four PTMC mezzanine expansion sites, which provide industry standard PCI-X control and CTbus (Computer Telephony Bus) data interfaces to external modules.

The KatanaQpís high-speed PICMG 3.1-compliant ATCA fabric interface utilizes a 24-port Ethernet switch and 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels to provide high-speed control and data plane connections. The KatanaQp also features a redundant PICMG 3.0 Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), which makes it easy for shelf management controllers to monitor, control and exchange management with the KatanaQp.

The KatanaQp, equipped with a single MPC7447A processor and a four-channel Gigabit Ethernet fabric interface, sells in OEM quantities starting at $3,498. Wind Riverís Platform for Network Equipment is available directly from Wind River Systems.

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