Signametrics Unveils SMX2055 5-1/2 Digit PXI/cPCI Digital Multimeter

6/2/2005 - Signametrics introduced its newest 5-1/2 digit PXI/cPCI Digital Multimeter, pioneering a new price-performance breakthrough for PXI DMM users. The SMX2055 boasts fastest measurement speeds in its class with over 100 readings per second (rps). Employing newly available technologies, Signametrics introduces best DC accuracy, highest reliability, and the most accurate resistance measurements under $1000.

The SMX2055, plug-and-play, PXI/cPCI DMM features true 5-1/2 digits resolution with 1,000,000 counts. With 100 reading per second it is 10 times faster than its leading competitor in this class. The SMX2055 features true 2 and 4-wire Ohm measurement with six (6) ranges from 240W to 24MW. In addition, the SMX2055 ohm measurements are conducted with very low test-voltages of 240mV and 2.4V. Additional features included in this new low-cost PXI DMM are true RMS AC Volts and current measurements, Diode V/I characteristics at 100nA to 1mA, Auto-range and relative measurements, and Min/Max, db, and percent deviation functions.

"The large number of current sources implemented in the SMX2055 provide highest Ohm resolution and widest resistance range in this DMM class," says Tee Sheffer, president of Signametrics Corporation. "Measurement speed of 100 rps, and DCV input resistance of 10GW make the SMX2055 far superior to any 5-1/2 digit DMM on the market."

Touch and Feel; software support
The SMX2055 has the same "touch and feel" of bench-top digital multimeters. It is fully compatible with the existing Signametrics line of PXI and PCI DMM families, facilitating painless upgrade. All Signametrics DMMs are accompanied by "front panel" software, DLLs for all Windows applications, LabView® and Linux drivers.

Price and Availability
Readily available, the SMX2055 is priced at $795

A Family of Test and Measurement Plug-in Cards
Preserving the accuracy of all DMMs in a multiple signal system requires high-quality switching modules. Signametrics' switching modules for the PXI/cPCI, are natural complements to its high precision PXI DMMs with their high isolation, and extremely low noise and thermal EMF. The combination of the SMX2055 or any other Signametrics' DMM, with the fully isolated extremely low noise SMX4032 Switching modules make up the foundation for high precision Test and Measurement systems.

About Signametrics
Signametrics pioneered the plug-in Digital Multimeter category, and keeps on leading in this market with advanced features, and ever increasing accuracy. Signametrics' current products are dedicated to PCI, PXI, and VXI Test and Measurement systems, and are complemented by "Front-panel" software, DLLs, and Drivers to ensure smooth software installation and integration.

Founded in 1990 by former Fluke engineers, Signametrics is a privately held company with headquarters in Seattle Washington.

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