MQX Embedded, Interpeak Ease Development of Networking Applications

6/1/2005 - MQX EmbeddedTM, a division of ARC International, and Interpeak, a pioneer of Internet and security protocol solutions for embedded systems, announced that the companies are working together to ease the development of advanced networking applications for the companies’ mutual customers. Under terms of a new agreement, all Interpeak’s embedded networking products, including the IPNET and IPLITE network stacks, have been optimized to the industry-standard MQX RTOS. MQX Embedded will resell the integrated product along with Interpeak’s networking protocols and security products to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. MQX Embedded also will manage front-line support for customers who use the optimized Interpeak products.

IPv6 is a new version of the Internet protocol that supports a much higher number of addresses, using a 128-bit addressing scheme. Additionally, IPv6 offers advanced addressing features, including multicast and anycast addressing. Leveraging Interpeak’s IPv6 technology, MQX RTOS customers will be able to build secure, Internet-connected embedded systems for sale in markets that use or plan to use the new protocol. Target applications include SOHO routers, broadband access, IP telephones, network storage, online gaming consoles, military communications and wireless access points.

“Interpeak’s broad spectrum of networking protocols strengthens the industry-standard MQX RTOS for applications with high-end networking requirements,” said Craig Slayter, vice-president of the MQX Embedded division of ARC International. “By using our fully optimized and integrated technologies, MQX customers can save months of development effort. Interpeak is the latest industry leader to recognize the growing appeal of the MQX RTOS and join our growing number of partners who offer must-have technology for key embedded applications.”

“Next-generation networked devices will contain IPv6 capabilities due to requirements for increased security and new IP addresses,” added Johan Fornaeus, chief executive officer of Interpeak AB. “Our dual-mode protocol stack technology, together with the MQX RTOS, creates a powerful IPv4/v6 networking solution that is ready for the robust communications needs of secure and reliable embedded devices.”

About Interpeak’s IPNET and IPLITE Technology
IPNET provides complete IPv4 and IPv6 networking solutions, supporting multiple network interfaces, NAT, PPP, built-in routing tables, VLAN tagging, Quality of Service and built-in advanced IP Security (IPsec). IPLITE provides a small and compact dual IPv4/v6 protocol stack configurable from 17 KB of memory for embedded systems requiring a small footprint. IPsec is optionally available for IPLITE.

Both stack offerings have additional network applications available such as Telnet, FTP, TFTP, DNS and DHCP, along with L2TP, LDAP, NAT, PPPoE, RIPv2, SNTP, Web server, secure Web server, MobileIP and SNMPv1/2c/3. Additional security protocols such as Radius, Firewall, SSH, SSL and IKE are also available, as well as products to enable wireless network communication.

MQX RTOS with Interpeak’s IPNET and IPLITE network stacks is available today from MQX Embedded. Interpeak products are bundled and licensed by MQX under the names MQX IPNETv6, MQX IPNETv4, MQX IPLITEv6, MQX IPLITEv4, MQX IPLITEv6 Secure and MQX IPLITEv4 Secure. For more information contact MQX Embedded at

About MQX Embedded
MQX Embedded is a business of ARC International, focused on the software needs of embedded system developers for ARC-BasedTM and non-ARC 32-bit microprocessor and DSP architectures. MQX EmbeddedTM offers state-of-the-art technology that includes the widely used MetaWare® software development tools and the MQXTM RTOS, as well as networking and other software platforms. MQX Embedded’s technology has helped power thousands of products that are shipping to markets including the aerospace, financial, construction, industrial, medical and semiconductor industries. For more information, visit

About Interpeak
Interpeak AB, the embedded networking specialist, is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a worldwide net of distribution channels. The corporate mission is to provide state-of-the-art networking solutions specifically designed for embedded systems. This includes various drop-in solutions for specific networking applications, e.g. Network Storage, Edge Routers, Mobile Phones, Home Access Devices, Wireless Networks, Digital Media, etc.

ARC, MQX, MQX Embedded and MetaWare are trademarks or registered trademarks of ARC International.

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