FreeLinc Offers World's First Wireless Accessories for Two-Way Radios

5/26/2005 - Breaking new ground in field-force communications, FreeLinc introduces a suite of wireless accessory products that increases safety, comfort and convenience for two-way radio users. The complete line of rugged wireless headsets and speaker-microphones “frees” the user from radio-to-headset cables, removing a common point of failure and enabling full physical range of motion in the field. Freelinc’s introductory family of products includes:

The wireless capability of all FreeLinc two-way radio accessories is supported by “near-field magnetic” technology. Magnetic communication provides superior reliability, security and battery life over typical radio frequency (RF) based solutions in extremely short-range applications. Its small magnetic communication “bubble” envelopes only the space of a sole two-way radio user, supporting privacy, security, power efficiency and interference immunity.

FreeLinc has partnered with Aura® Communications to integrate their LibertyLink® near-field magnetic solution. “LibertyLink is ideally suited for wireless headsets that operate aside any mobile electronic device—including MP3 players, portable DVD players and two-way radios,” says Kenneth Kokinakis, Aura’s President and CEO. “Our technology is poised to become the de-facto standard for any short-range wireless application that requires secure, efficient transmission of streaming audio, voice or data. With LibertyLink, FreeLinc’s customers will enjoy the most reliable personal-range wireless available.”

“FreeLinc is pioneering its market as the first to offer dependable wireless accessories for two-way radios,” says Anthony Sutera, FreeLinc’s CEO. “Our solutions will greatly benefit users of two-way radios through greater freedom of movement and safety. What’s more, many of our patent-pending products go beyond ‘cutting the cable’ to offer the latest-and-greatest features in headsets. For example, voice operated transmission (VOX), which allows for completely hands-free, secure communication, is unprecedented in the push-to-talk radio world.”

FreeLinc wireless accessories for two-way radios suit a vast range of field-force applications, including emergency response (fire, law, medical), military, even hospitality. The FreeMotion 200 is available now directly from FreeLinc. Pricing for single units begins at $349.00; discounts will be applied to volume orders. FreeMotion 100, FreeMic 200 and FreeRange 200 will be available this fall.

About FreeLinc
Founded in 2003, FreeLinc is pioneering and commanding the wireless accessory market of the two-way radio industry. Responding to the demand for radio accessories that are safer and more reliable, FreeLinc focuses on transferring new technologies into dependable products for use in public safety, military, and commercial applications. By focusing exclusively on this market, the company can offer products that are technologically superior, and can back each one by high quality service.

About Aura Communications
A fabless semiconductor company, Aura has developed the next-generation of wireless connectivity specifically targeted for consumer electronics and mobile devices. Utilizing an enhanced form of magnetic communication rather than broadcast radio frequency technology, Aura enables the design of the lowest power and most affordable wireless products on the market today. The result of nearly a decade of research and development, Aura's LibertyLink technology creates a built-in privacy zone that envelopes and is uniquely owned by each user for secure, reliable communications.

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