BiTMICRO, ATTO Announce Product Certification and Interoperability

5/25/2005 - BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., maker of intelligent flash IDE/ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel solid state disk storage solutions, and ATTO Technology, Inc. announced the completion of product certification of ATTO host bus adapters (HBAs) for SCSI and Fibre Channel with BiTMICRO's E-Disk flash solid state disks (SSDs).

High demand for streaming multimedia content and the escalating amount of data being stored and used by enterprises are pushing network storage performance to the limit. BiTMICRO has responded to these challenges with its E-Disk Fibre Channel and Ultra320 SCSI flash disks featuring random I/O rates of up to 11,700 IOPS and duplex burst read/write rates of up to 400 MB/sec. When used in conjunction with ATTO HBAs, E-Disk SSDs can be seamlessly integrated into the SAN/NAS in varying configurations and applications.

"Interoperability is a major factor in NAS/SAN deployment, and the certification of ATTO products with BiTMICRO's Flash-SSD solid state storage assures enterprise IT administrators of a tested and ready-to-use solution," said Rudy Bruce, president of BiTMICRO Networks.

ATTO host adapters optimize the link between hardware and software, providing building blocks for better storage solutions. The ATTO family of host adapters includes both SCSI host adapters for direct-attached storage and Fibre Channel adapters for networked and direct-attached storage. Both lines are designed with Advanced Data Streaming(tm) Technology, a combination of features that provide controlled acceleration of large and small blocks of data, providing faster and more efficient data transfers and maximized return on investment.

ATTO Celerity storage adapters are an integrated family of advanced storage connectivity solutions that are designed to provide reliable connectivity, intelligence and scalability. Celerity Fibre Channel storage adapters extend the capabilities of software and hardware, increase overall system performance, and drive intelligence to the edge of the SAN. ATTO's extensive line of SCSI HBAs is designed and engineered to provide maximum performance from storage and systems assets while providing the fastest access to the most critical asset - data.

"These certifications from BiTMICRO are the latest in our ongoing commitment to developing interoperable storage-infrastructure components," states ATTO Director of Markets, Sherri Robinson. "ATTO continuously strives to take third-party products such as BiTMICRO's solid state storage to new heights of performance."

The ATTO host adapters tested include EPCI-PSC-000 (Ultra-WIDE SCSI Single Channel HBA), EPCI-UL4S-000 (Ultra320 SCSI Single-Channel HBA), EPCI-UL4D-000 (Ultra320 SCSI Dual-Channel HBA), CTFC-22XH-000 (Celerity Dual-Port 2-Gb Fibre Channel HBA), and CTFC-24XL-000 (Celerity Quad-Port 2-Gb Fibre Channel HBA). The EPCI-PSC-000 was certified to be interoperable with E-Disk 3S40 while EPCI-UL4S-000 and EPCI-UL4D-000 are compatible with the E-Disk 3S320. Additionally, the CTFC-22XH-000 and CTFC-24XL-000 HBAs are certified as interoperable with the E-Disk 3F2 SSD.

About ATTO Technology, Inc.
ATTO Technology, Inc. ( is a global leader in Fibre Channel, SCSI and IP storage and storage- infrastructure solutions for Content Creation and Enterprise environments. Since its founding in 1988, ATTO has been designing, manufacturing and marketing award-winning solutions specifically for data-intensive applications. ATTO distributes its products worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, VARs and system integrators.

About BiTMICRO Networks
BiTMICRO(r) Networks (, a privately held California corporation, is the leading provider of rugged and high performance non-volatile solid state disk, flash disk drive, and network storage and management solutions. E-Disk(r) storage solutions are offered with SCSI, IDE/ATA, Fibre Channel, VME and cPCI interfaces in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk drive footprints, 3U and 6U board, and 19-inch rack mount configurations scalable up to several terabytes of pure solid state storage.

With a growing workforce of 160 employees in its Silicon Valley headquarters and around the globe, BiTMICRO maintains its commitment to invent, design and deliver storage solutions that drive business value.

E-Disk(r) and BiTMICRO(r) are registered trademarks of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.

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Tel: (510) 743 3475

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