Sylvan Ascent Introduces TopoPhone for Windows Mobile 5.0 Phones

5/23/2005 - Sylvan Ascent Inc. introduced TopoPhone, a new kind of GPS topographic mapping software for mobile phones. It has become commonplace for people to bring along a cell phone, topographic maps and GPS receiver when going hiking, skiing, hunting, or snowmobiling. TopoPhone combines all of these into your cell phone, and adds something new; the ability to see where the other people in your party are located. TopoPhone makes it harder to get lost yourself, and easier to find or rescue others who are lost or injured.

TopoPhone provides detailed USGS Topographic maps, and all the usual GPS capabilities such as waypoints, trips and routes. The maps are downloaded automatically into your phone as needed - there is never any reason to hook up to a desktop computer. Maps are stored for later use, so TopoPhone can be used even when out of cellular range.

If other people in your group also have a TopoPhone equipped cell phone, everyone can see where everyone else is on their phone if they so choose. TopoPhone uses SMS text messaging to send GPS coordinates between phones, and displays the locations on the map. This scheme is simple, private and secure.

Advanced cell phones with built-in GPS are rapidly becoming commonplace. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system for Smartphones and Pocket PC phones. with GPS functionality built-in. TopoPhone leverages the power of Windows Mobile 5.0 and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to provide a rich and capable GPS experience. "TopoPhone makes it almost impossible to get lost in the great outdoors. Just take along your GPS cell phone, and you will always know where you, your family and your friends are at all times." according to Roger Bedell, President of Sylvan Ascent Inc.

About Sylvan Ascent Inc.
Sylvan Ascent Inc. has been providing GIS (mapping) data and software solutions to professionals in government and industry since 1992.

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