Eagleware-Elanix Releases GENESYS 2005 RF and Microwave Design Suite

5/20/2005 - Eagleware-Elanix Corporation, a leading supplier of communication system design software, announced GENESYS(TM) 2005, a major new release of its popular RF and microwave design suite. The new version includes WhatIF (a new frequency planning tool), CAYENNE (a new time domain simulator), two new synthesis modules -- AMPLIFIER and MIXER, enhancements to the linear, nonlinear, and system architecture simulators, new models, and a revamped user interface that sets an uncompromising standard for ease-of-use.

"Eagleware-Elanix is the primary innovator in this industry," said Todd Cutler, CEO of Eagleware-Elanix. "Our new frequency planner, WhatIF, and our new amplifier and mixer synthesis modules join a long line of past Eagleware-Elanix innovations like component synthesis, real-time interactive tuning, spectral domain simulation, and the first commercially available UWB libraries."

Mark Zachmann, Eagleware Elanix VP of Research and Development, added, "GENESYS 2005 is a major platform release for us. Not only does it add new capabilities like WhatIF, CAYENNE, and the new synthesis modules, but virtually every tool in the design suite has been significantly enhanced. At the same time, we have built a modern infrastructure that will permit us to add future capabilities quickly and easily. Finally, we have revamped the user interface to make GENESYS even more powerful and easy to use."

GENESYS 2005 includes:

WhatIF, a frequency planning tool, uses a new simulation technique that analyzes spurious performance of Intermediate Frequencies (IFs). Spur-free regions are identified including multiple frequency band conversions to a common IF frequency. Users see performance tradeoffs between the IFs and can identify all spurious offenders giving them complete control over mixer requirements and specifications. This approach is a complete turnaround from traditional methods. This new synthesis technique determines spurious responses and their amplitudes from traditional spurious analysis parameters. Simulation speed is fast since conventional sweep analysis has been eliminated.

CAYENNE is a SPICE-like time domain simulator. In addition to the normal analysis capabilities available in other time domain simulators, CAYENNE incorporates the following unique innovations:

MIXER, the new mixer synthesis module, allows the user to design and analyze mixer configurations using a variety of topologies as starting points. The 11 topologies of the initial release range from simple passive configurations such as the "diode rat race mixer" to complex active models such as the "bipolar double balanced Gilbert mixer." For each configuration, supporting information provides insights into the theory of operation, applicable frequency range, and performance tradeoffs.

AMPLIFIER, the new amplifier synthesis module, facilitates the design of linear low-noise RF amplifiers. Requirements can be automatically transferred from system-level behavioral models, and simulation results can be exported to system-level simulation to check results. Transistor and FET implementations are supported in both single and multiple stage configurations.

GENESYS 2005 incorporates numerous user interface enhancements, including:

Other significant enhancements in GENESYS 2005 include:

About Eagleware-Elanix
Eagleware-Elanix Corporation provides system and circuit design software that leads in providing power, speed, and accuracy to developers of communication products. The company's suite of solutions includes system-level and digital signal processing (DSP) analysis, simulation, synthesis, and libraries; and high frequency design tools including system architecture design and analysis, linear simulation, non-linear and EM simulation, synthesis, RF board and microwave IC (MIC) layout, and libraries of high frequency simulation models. Engineers worldwide rely on Eagleware-Elanix tools in the design of cellular telephones, radar systems, cable TV systems, satellite communications systems, mobile base-station equipment, RFID devices, and wireless networking products. Visit Eagleware-Elanix on the web at www.eagleware.com. Eagleware-Elanix is headquartered at 3585 Engineering Drive, Suite 150, Norcross, GA 30092.

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