General Micro Systems Introduces Radiant Workstation I/O Module

5/18/2005 - General Micro Systems announced the Radiant Workstation I/O module, the industry's highest performance PMC multimedia module. Originally developed for the Joint Strike Fighter program, the Radiant targets military/aerospace, industrial control, and security applications requiring multi-channel video and graphics with overlay capability. Radiant features two independent high-resolution video output ports and a video capture port. Radiant also features high-resolution A/D and D/A conversion for audio input/output, four USB ports, and three high-speed IEEE-1394B FireWire ports.

"Radiant is the highest performance and most versatile multimedia PMC card on the market," said Ben Sharfi, president of General Micro Systems. "Radiant's multi-channel high-resolution video, high-resolution audio, and overlay capability should make a big hit among designers of mil/aero cockpits, process control systems, and security equipment that require integrated high-reliability multimedia with overlay capability."

Radiant's two video ports, utilizing an ATI Radeon 9000 controller equipped with 64 Mbytes of RAM, feature 2D/3D graphics acceleration with DirectX and OpenGL support. Both ports support RGB (with or without Synch-On-Green) and digital flat panel displays with resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536 (24-bit color). The two monitors may display the same data, or be combined to provide a continuous display with a resolution of either 4095 x 1536 in side-by-side mode, or 2048 x 3072 in up-and-down mode. Data displayed on the two monitors can also be repeated on two other digital flat panel displays, thereby enabling Radiant to support up to four simultaneous displays.

Radiant's video input port can be used to capture NTSC/PAL video from an external source such as a camera or video recorder while displaying the video simultaneously on the screen. This unique feature makes Radiant ideal for applications like cockpit displays, process control inspection systems, and security systems, where real-time video must be captured, analyzed, and overlaid onto the system video image.

Radiant provides a full-featured audio subsystem with support for Line-Out, Line-In and microphone functions. The Line-Out may be connected directly to a headphone set or powered amplifier to drive large speakers. The Line-In and the microphone may be used for voice commands to eliminate complex menu navigation.

The audio subsystem utilizes an AC-97-compliant CODEC, which provides 20-bit D/A conversion with 103-dB SNR for Line-Out audio, and 20-bit A/D conversion with a 194-kHz sampling rate for Line-In audio. To synchronize audio with video, Radiant uses the Line-In port to output sound and video onto the computer screen.

User I/O support for Radiant includes four USB 2.0 ports, each capable of powering a separate USB device and transferring data at 400 Mbyte/sec. Radiant also provides three FireWire 1394-B ports, each of which can transfer data at speeds of up to 800 Mbyte/sec. The FireWire ports are ideal for high-speed networking and transferring video files directly from video recorders.

Software support for Radiant includes drivers for Windows XP/2000, Linux, Solaris, and QNX.

Radiant costs $481 in single-piece quantity and is available immediately from stock.

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