SBS Debuts Conduction-Cooled Configurable I/O PCI Mezzanine Card

5/18/2005 - SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:SBSE), a leading provider of embedded computing technology for defense and aerospace applications, announced the PIO-PMC1, a configurable I/O PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) with multiple input and output options.

Most COTS systems, especially avionics systems, are designed for a small footprint and low weight. A significant design constraint in such systems is the limited number of PMC slots on a CPU board. The PIO-PMC1 addresses that constraint by combining multiple I/O functions on one PMC capable of meeting multiple functions within a single slot. This not only reduces card slots, but also reduces cost. This conduction-cooled card also has the ability to withstand rugged environments where extreme shock, vibration, and temperatures are present.

The PIO-PMC1 module offers a system designer multiple I/O capabilities with functional simplicity on one PMC card, providing designers with several types of I/O, such as analog, discrete and serial. Designing the PIO-PMC1 into your system saves valuable space, reduces inventory, and reduces system cost.

"This conduction-cooled COTS-based PMC module can be ordered already configured for immediate integration into a military application or customized with a wide variety of I/O functions to meet specific customer requirements," said David Wessing, Vice President of SBS Military I/O and Systems. "The PIO-PMC1's customization flexibility lets our customers quickly integrate their I/O requirements into an overall system and bring their products to market faster," continued Wessing.

The ability to mix and match I/O combinations is readily availableľall I/O goes through the P4 connector. Flexible FPGA configurability means engineers can program what they need where they need it. Through the FPGA (Altera Cyclone 1C12), this card can be easily configured with several different serial and discrete options. For example, up to 8 serial RS-422/485 RX/TX pairs, up to 16 analog TTL inputs and outputs, and up to 16 discrete inputs are available for programming.

Price and Availability
Available now, the PIO-PMC1 lists for US$4700.

About SBS Technologies
SBS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:SBSE), founded in 1986, designs and builds a wide range of standard and customized embedded computer products. Our products include processor boards, input/output modules, networking devices, and complete computer systems. Our products are used in many industries, including telecommunications, medical electronics, industrial automation and defense. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SBS maintains eight primary operating locations, has regional sales offices throughout the United States and has international sales and support offices in six countries. More information on SBS is available at

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