Celoxica Introduces RC10 Pilot Multi-Purpose FPGA Board

5/17/2005 - Celoxica Ltd., the leading provider of C-based electronic system level (ESL) design and synthesis solutions, announced availability of the RC10 Pilot board, a low-cost, high-density, FPGA-based embedded system teaching and evaluation platform. Expressly built for designers, teachers and students who want to pilot C-based design and synthesis, the RC10 represents a breakthrough in FPGA board price and performance.

The RC10 Pilot board is fitted with a 1.5 million-gate Spartan 3 FPGA and is packaged with a set of comprehensive support libraries intended for use with Celoxica's suite of ESL design tools including the DK Design Suite and PixelStreams image and video processing library. The feature set of the RC10 makes it suitable for prototyping and development of diverse applications such as robotics, encryption, automotive diagnostics, audio, video and image processing.

The RC10 is packed with a powerful set of I/O features including 2 high-speed ADC channels, VGA video output, 1-bit DAC audio outputs, CAN bus and a CMOS camera connector. A high-speed USB 2.0 interface allows high data-rate communication between PC host programs and FPGA applications on the board.

The RC10 Pilot board is also ideally suited to accelerate users through the learning curve associated with C-based embedded system design and synthesis. The board package includes design examples and tutorials showing applications integrating MicroBlaze soft-core processors and PicoBlaze embedded microcontrollers. System level APIs supplied with the RC10 enable HW/SW co-design and architectural exploration of system partitions by abstracting the specific board level detail away from the application code.

"C-based design and synthesis is growing in established markets, attracting users that are new to hardware and FPGA design" said Graham McKenzie, senior product marketing manager at Celoxica. "The RC10 encourages that growth with ease of use, very low cost and an advanced set of features extending beyond raw hardware and supporting a much broader range of applications."

In addition to the Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA and I/O, the RC10 includes 8 LEDs, 2 seven-segment displays, PS/2 keyboard and mouse sockets, and a 5-way mini joystick. A host utility provided by Celoxica uses the USB 2.0 connection to program bit files to the FPGA and the USB port is also used to power the board from the host computer for ease of use and classroom flexibility. Board expansion capabilities include a 50-way expansion socket providing 33 data I/Os, 2 clock pins as well as +12V, +5V and +3.3V power supplies, a 4 way LVDS connector also suitable for driving a TFT screen, and connections for 4 standard servos.

Pricing and Availability
The RC10 is priced below $500 and is available directly from Celoxica or through its sales distribution partners. For more information, go to www.celoxica.com/RC10. For teaching, research and university enquiries contact the Celoxica University Program (CUP) cup@celoxica.com. Other Celoxica products turning software into silicon include the Agility Complier for SystemC synthesis, the DK Design Suite for embedded system co-design and Handel-C synthesis, the PixelStreams image and video-processing library.

About Celoxica
An innovator in ESL design, Celoxica is turning software into silicon by supplying the design tools, boards, IP and services that enable the next generation of advanced electronic product design. Celoxica technology raises design abstraction to the algorithm level, accelerating productivity and lowering risk and costs by generating semiconductor hardware directly from C-based software descriptions. Adding to a growing installed base, Celoxica provides the world's most widely used C-based behavioral design and synthesis solutions to companies developing semiconductor products in markets such as consumer electronics, defense and aerospace, automotive, industrial and security. For more information, visit: www.celoxica.com.

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