Measurement Computing Debuts E-PDISO16 for Remote Monitoring and Control

5/6/2005 - Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of its new Measurement AdvantageTM brand Ethernet-based high-voltage, high-current, digital I/O module. The E-PDISO16 offers the functionality and performance of a PCI-based solution: 16 isolated digital inputs, 500 volts DC isolation, 16 Form C relays with 6 amps at 240 volts AC / 28 volts DC contact ratings. As opposed to a PCI-based system, however, the E-PDISO16 offers the advantage that as an Ethernet-based device, it can be distributed anywhere there’s a network connection and power; simply connect the device to the network at the point of measurement, and configure, monitor, and control the device from anywhere else on the network. The device will be priced at $499 (single piece price). Shipments will begin in late May.

In addition to the performance features described above, the E-PDISO16 offers:

The new E-PDISO16 brings the power of distributed DAQ to MCC’s growing family of Measurement Advantage high-voltage digital I/O products. On the factory floor, in remote locations, or in any application in which a PC or laptop is not feasible or ideal, the E-PDISO16 offers the perfect solution for monitoring and controlling high voltages. As a networked, stand-alone device, the E-PDISO16 compliments the Measurement Advantage USB-based high-voltage DIO devices—the USB-PDISO8, the USB-ERB (electromechanical relay) series, and the USB-SSR (solid-state relay) series, which combine robust, high-voltage DIO performance with the ease-of-use and flexibility of USB.

All Measurement Advantage products ship with the following free software:

Measurement Computing Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacture of computer-based test and measurement hardware and software. These products include USB-based analog and digital I/O devices, Ethernet-based analog and digital I/O devices, analog and digital I/O boards, serial and GPIB interfaces for the USB, PCI, ISA, cPCI, PCMCIA and PC/104 buses, as well as RS-232/485 serial interfaces. The company, founded in 1989, has more than 70 employees and markets its products worldwide through direct sales, a distribution network, and the worldwide web. Visit for more information.

Product Pricing
Shipping late May

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