AXIOMTEK Expands eBOX Series of Hardened Embedded Systems

4/29/2005 - AXIOMTEK, a world renowned provider of industrial and embedded systems and components, announced it has expanded its line of eBOX solutions. The eBOX series is available in three basic models with varying standard and optional configurations. Ideal for System Integrators, software developers and manufacturers seeking to reduce time to market for new application hardware platforms, the eBOX series is completely integrated and customizable per customer needs.

The eBOX series is used extensively for a variety of industry needs including Transportation, Surveillance, Machine Control, Industrial Automation, POI, KIOSK and so on. Each of AXIOMTEK’s eBOX offers a highly flexible design to handle the unique operating requirements of the individual application. It also supports the Windows® XP Embedded, Windows® CE and Linux operating systems.

Looking for a noiseless operation running under extended temperature working range? The eBOX746-EFL is your only best choice. Available in six different fanless configurations using an onboard VIA ULP processor in 400 MHz, 667 MHz or 1 GHz clock speeds, the eBOX746-EFL provides a perfect solution for platforms requiring high performance with extremely low power needs. An abundance of I/O capabilities are built in for maximum flexibility. Other system features include 256MB SDRAM SODIMM expandable to 512MB, CompactFlashTM support, one 2.5-inch HDD drive bay, watchdog timer, 70 watt AC-in or 24 volt DC-in power supply and optional wall mount. The eBOX746-EFL can operate in environments from -25°C (-13°F) to 50°Celsius (122°Fahrenheit).

Built with NS ULP Geode 300MHz drive engine but full of I/O connections, this series is the most cost-effective model to choose when total number of I/O is more demanded than calculating power. The eBOX745-EFL is a good choice for rugged outdoor and indoor environments for temperature ranges between -25°C (-13°F) to 60°Celsius (140° Fahrenheit). The eBOX745-EFL offers the same feature set as the eBOX746-EFL. Almost identical to its family member, and also available in two power supply configurations, the eBOX745A-EFL differs by offering a slight variation in I/O ports by using AXIOMTEK’s SBC84510VEE-300 board. This adds one additional RJ-45 connector for networking (increasing the number to two RJ-45 ports) and eliminates two 9-pin D-sub male connectors for communications.

Supporting up to Intel® Pentium® M 1.4GHz Ultra-low power processor, the eBOX738-FL makes you a fanless system without compromising the system performance. For the highest in system performance, AXIOMTEK offers the fanless eBOX738-FL. Available in two configurations using either an Intel® Pentium® M 1.4 GHz or Celeron® M 600 MHz processor, AXIOMTEK has architected this eBOX with a unique mechanical design for optimal thermal use. Leveraging off the core strengths of AXIOMTEK’s other eBOX series, the eBOX738-FL offers high performance with low power requirements, a wide choice of I/O connectors, support for a 32-bit PC/104+ module and CompactFlashTM, optional PCMCIA support, LAN and hard disk drive support, watchdog timer and 100 watt AC-in or DC-in power supply.

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