Acrosser Bundles AR-B1423C SBC with PC/104 Communication Peripherals

4/29/2005 - Acrosser US is starting to offer customers a better and faster communication platform by bundling the AR-B1423C PC104 single board computer with PC104 communication peripherals, such as PC104 Modem, PC104 Hard drive, etc.

The PC/104 modules would allow users to implement more functionality in small form factor for product development or to reconfigure the original system, thus making the industrial application more flexible and more powerful. With the extensive product line and support from Aprotek, along with AR-B1423, the PC/104 single board computer with low cost and excellent performance, Acrosser's would be able to provide an enhanced PC/104 solution to customers.

Aprotek, Inc manufactures board-level telecommunications, USB and hard drive products, specializing in modems for industrial applications. Their product lines include Serial OEM, PC/104 and custom-designed modems to meet needs of worldwide customer. All of their dial-up modems offer 100% T Command Set compatibility, 5 volt-only operation and data rates from 2400 bps to 56 Kbps. Aprotek’s OEM serial modems are RS-232 compatible, and their PC/104 modems are 8-bit PC/104 Bus compatible. Features such as extended operating temperature would also be available.

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Aprotek was founded in 1982 and is dedicated to providing products that guarantee continual availability and upgrades with exceptional customer service and lifetime support.

Acrosser is an ISO-9001 certified embedded platform service provider in OEM/ODM manufacturing with its high-quality, high-performance embedded products since 1987.

Acrosser provides embedded PC-104 computer to clients in a wide array of industries, including Kiosk, gaming, industrial, networking, security, imaging and medical.

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