ELinOS 3.1 Linux Development Environment Expands Support for Kontron COMs

4/25/2005 - Sysgo AG, provider of embedded Linux solutions, and Kontron Embedded Modules are strengthening their cooperation, which began in 2004. In future, developers for device manufacturers of all kinds will also be able to program applications for Kontron’s Computer-on-Modules DIMM-PC/lite with STPC-ELITE processors and ETX-P3T with Intel Celeron processors between 400 MHz and 1 GHz, using the new ELinOS 3.1 Linux development environment, without needing detailed knowledge of the internal connections of the target systems. That saves on the use of expert knowledge, as well as a great deal of time. This expansion extends the already large range of boards supported by ELinOS. Up to now, these have included the modules ETX-P3M, ETX-VE, ETX-MGX and X-board<861>.

Manufacturers who require Linux solutions for cost-sensitive, high-volume applications will particularly benefit from the convenient interaction between the ELinOS development platform and Kontron’s COMs (= Computer-on-Modules). Development bundles can be ordered directly from the Sysgos webshop. (www.elinos.de/index.php?id=49)

"Our decision last year to cover Kontron modules within the active ELinOS board support, including on the hotline, has proven to be right on target. Our visibility in the embedded world has already increased. That is why, as announced, we are quickly expanding the support to include all relevant modules and boards from Kontron". This is how Walter Großgarten, Partner Manager with Sysgo AG, explains the expansion of the cooperation with Kontron.

"Numerous manufacturers base their products on our modules. Therefore, we are always glad when complementary partners such as Sysgo simplify the development and design-in work for our modules. This pays off for our mutual customers by offering more convenience and a shorter time to market. And so we benefit together from an enhanced position in the market", adds Zeljko Loncaric, Product Marketing for the Computer-On-Modules ETX, ETXexpress, X-board, and DIMM-PC with Kontron AG.

ELinOS is an integrated development environment specially designed for programming Linux-based embedded solutions. It covers all phases, from the development of the specific drivers to the realization of the complete application software. With a complete toolkit – compiler, linker and debugger – support for suitable boot strategies and easy-to-use graphical tools, the platform simplifies the work of system and device developers and thus saves valuable resources. Thus, when software development begins, they select the supported board and, at the same time, correctly determine the basic configuration, which consequently need not be programmed manually.

COMs are modules on which processors, appropriate chipsets, and I/Os are integrated into units with standard functionalities. Application-specific features such as drives or physical plugs are located on a baseboard, which is inserted on the COM. The advantage: customers buy standard PC functions off the rack and are able to concentrate on their core competences for developing diverse functions for their systems and devices. The DIMM-PC and X-boards are some of the smallest COMs in the world and have a format smaller than a credit card; ETX modules are used by OEMs when comprehensive PC functionality and high processor performance are needed.

No other company in the embedded world has turned more Computer-On-Modules into de facto standards in the past than Kontron AG. While still JUMPtec, the company launched the first module standard DIMM-PC, with ETX following not much later. Today, both standards are globally recognized and supported by many companies. The newest module standards are X-board and ETXexpress. Both impressively demonstrate that Kontron is a technology leader, because the rest of the embedded world is following along and, little by little, announcing their own assemblies. The flagship ETXexpress, for example, is also supported by Intel, Radisys, Adlink, and Advantech. Thus, most global players in the COM market are in agreement, and the user benefits from the competition.

Sysgo AG
SYSGO AG is a software provider for industrial systems and embedded devices. With its products and services, SYSGO is primarily concerned with the hardware-related software layer, i. e. with everything from the boot software to the operating system, to the integration of the middleware (e.g. update management, protocol stacks, user interfaces). In return, customers can concentrate fully and completely on the development of their applications and thus optimize the use of their own resources.

With ELinOS, SYSGO offers its own development platform for embedded systems under Linux. Its graphical configuration tool ELK, the ready-made boot loaders, and the Cross Toolchains for x86, PowerPC and ARM architectures mean that ELinOS has all the components necessary for developing cost-effective software for intelligent devices. ELinOS is complemented by the eclipse-based development framework CODEO for comfortable application development, and the graphical system browser COGNITO for the analysis of system load, response times, and other parameters.

Since its founding in 1992, SYSGO has developed into a leading European solution provider for embedded Linux and security-critical systems, and currently employs 70 people in 6 locations in Germany, Sweden, France, and the Czech Republic. Clients include OEMs such as Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, Rockwell-Collins, EADS, or Raytheon, and hardware manufacturers such as Motorola, NEC or Kontron.

Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH
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