Kontron Rolls Out Business Panel Panel PC Series with 19 Display

4/22/2005 - Kontron Embedded Computers expands its ‘Business Panel’ product series with a version that includes a 19” TFT display. The modular and flexible Panel PCs are now available with display sizes of 10.4”, 12.1”, 15”, 17” and 19”.

Kontron’s HMI systems in the Panel PC field include both variants for low-cost automation and devices for high-end applications. One product designed for these high-end applications is the modular Business Panel, which is scalable in all essential functionalities (display size, interfaces, processor performance, field bus connections, etc.). Thanks to the diverse function modules and connectors for a wide variety of drives (e.g. options for CD-ROM, floppy, removable 2.5” hard drive, Compact Flash) and a large number of interface versions, it is easy to adapt functionalities to meet customer needs.

The Panel PC display can also be separated from the computer, so that the computer and display can be operated apart from each other over variable distances via the Kontron Long Distance Solution. In addition, up to 112 freely programmable function keys and 16 special keys can be integrated in the display frame, depending on the display size (10.4” to 19“).

The basis of the industrial-strength Business Panel is a half-size slot-CPU with a choice of processors from 850 MHz to 1.4 GHz Pentium III or 1200 MHz Celeron. Excellent graphics quality is guaranteed by the use of digital image transmission (TMDS). This Panel PC comes with two free PCI slots and dual LAN as standard. Three serial interfaces, an interface for a floppy drive, and one USB port in the front and the back are also available. The front-side USB port is IP65 rated and thus absolutely dust-proof and resistant to sprays or pressurized water. The CANopen, DeviceNet or Profibus field buses can be integrated directly on board. These systems thus offer connection for both the classic field buses and future Ethernet connection in the field level without additional plug-in cards.

Additional standard functions (IR, SPK, LED, RESET, FAN) as well as integrated watchdog and power management functions round out the feature set. MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 95, 98, 200 and XP, Windows NT 4.0, Linux and VxWorks RTOS operating systems are all supported.

Optimal shock, vibration and temperature resistance, as well as resistance to harsh electromagnetic conditions, are standard for this Panel PC equipped with front-side IP65 protection. In addition, Kontron guarantees a long-term availability of five years for the Business Panel and its components.

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