PC/104 Consortium Elects Kontron Product Manager as Vice President

4/22/2005 - Martin Bodenschatz was elected as the new vice president of the PC/104 Consortium at the end of March 2005. Mr Bodenschatz, who graduated in business management, is a product manager for PC/104 with Kontron Embedded Modules, Deggendorf, Germany. He will be responsible for the activities of the Consortium in Europe, and share the workload with the second vice president Jonathan Miller (Diamond Systems), who represents the Consortium's interests in America. Increased awareness for this embedded form factor and its standards is at the top of the Consortiumís priorities for Europe. The form factor was established in 1992 and thus shows an extremely long lifespan.

Apart from PR work, Mr Bodenschatz will also turn his attention to the further development of the CPU board standards, from which the many manufacturers of specialized expansion modules, in particular, would profit. The third goal that Martin Bodenschatz will pursue is the promotion of the promotion of the Consortiumís Products Directory, a huge PC/104 online database containing several hundred I/O modules, CPU boards and other PC/104 solutions. www.pc104.org/products/index.html

"PC/104 embodies fast and simple solutions. Plugged together and wired, PC/104-based solutions are finished quickly on the hardware side and can be made in countless combinations. We must underline this advantage because only in this way can we bring the number of PC/104 units - with prices sinking, as is typical for the PC industry - further upwards," says Martin Bodenschatz. Increased awareness of I/O assemblies is particularly important for this. "Many developers know that there are PC/104 CPU boards but hardly anyone knows the wide spectrum of the I/O modules and thus also hardly anyone knows all the possibilities of the PC/104 and their big savings in development work," says Martin Bodenschatz, summing up general opinion on PC/104 in the industry.

"We are very pleased to have won a highly motivated colleague and for the first time also a graduated business manager for PC/104 in Martin Bodenschatz from Kontron. Coming from Europe, he also gives the Consortium, for the first time, a presence in this important sales market," says VersaLogic Corporationís Tom Barnum, president of the PC/104 Consortium.

About PC/104
The PC/104 Consortium and standard were established in 1992. In use since 1987, PC/104 is a small form factor, embedded PC physical and electrical interface standard. It provides embedded system designers with an architecture that is dense, cost-effective and based on proven, practical technology. PC/104-Plus, an extension that was added to the standard in 1995, incorporates PCI technology. Longevity is one of the hallmarks of the PC/104 technology. Because customers require stable, long-term supply, PC/104 module vendors typically offer products that do not change specifications as fast as commercial PC vendors. The proven reliability of PC/104 is valued by thousands of OEMs in application areas such as industrial control and instrumentation, military and aerospace, and medical. For more information on PC/104 and PC/104-Plus, please visit www.pc104.org

Contact details for PC/104 Consortium
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: 415.243.2104
Fax: 415.836.9094
Email: info@pc104.org
URL: www.pc104.org

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