Acrosser Rolls Out AR-M9939 Fanless Internet Security Platform

4/15/2005 - To security gateway and VPN application, Acrosser presents a new low power-consumption Internet security platform, AR-M9939. AR-M9939 is a fanless micro-box networking appliance with Pentium III grade CPU. AR-M9939 has two different CPU models; one is a 400MHz basic model, and the other is a 733MHz performance model. With a DDR solution, the AR-M9939 has a better performance on speed and efficiency.

Power Consumption/ Cost Reduction
Under normal circumstances, Pentium III with DDR systems would generate a higher temperature situation. However, there is no VGA hardware in the AR-M9939, which means that customers will not need to invest extra money on any heat issues. Therefore, the whole AR-M9939 system can work in a stable temperature condition.

Broadlcom LAN Solution
AR-M9939 uses the Broadcom solution for the LAN, which supports 10/100 or 1000Mbps. The Broadcom solution supports auto-MDIX, and has an extremely stable throughput. For software concerns, the Broadcom LAN chips are fully supported under Linux and Microsoft operating systems.

LAN By-passed Function
AR-M9939 can offer an optional function of LAN by-pass. If the mainframe stops to work, the signal and messages can still be delivered by the “LAN by-pass.” This function can attribute to lower power consumption and cost.

Hardware Security
The 733MHz model will support hardware security, a new technology that uses hardware encryption for cryptography.

With hardware encryption, the CPU can be freed to work on other applications, instead of being occupied by the software encryption. Regarding Hardware Security implementation, the hardware will run at least 10-30 times faster than software version. Moreover, the AR-M9939 can support console redirection and PXE (Pre-Boot Execution Environment).

In conclusion, the AR-M9939 is a high-performance fanless Internet Security Platform, which supports lower power consumption, Broadcom LAN solution, and LAN by-pass. These functions contribute reliability, stability, and cost savings to our customers.

About Acrosser Technology
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