DVS' One-Stop DI System CLIPSTER Supports KODAK Display Manager

4/12/2005 - DVS (Digital Video Systems GmbH) and Eastman Kodak Company will partner in the distribution of the KODAK Display Manager System. CLIPSTER®, DVS' leading DI system, will incorporate KODAK Display Manager in its new software version to be presented at NAB 2005.

In DI, the entire film is scanned and all steps such as editing, conforming, finishing and versioning are performed with digital data in HD, 2K or 4K resolution. The complete process can be handled by CLIPSTER in real-time in all formats, making CLIPSTER the one-stop solution for Digital Intermediates.

However, images vary when displayed on different viewing devices and can differ again from the intended look of the projected print film. KODAK Display Manager eliminates this problem by providing a calibrated environment where the digital display or projection accurately simulates the look of the projected theatrical print. KODAK Display Manager consists of calibration hardware and proprietary software utilizing KODAK color science that adjusts electronic display devices to accurately emulate the looks of film. The calibration and characterization of a display by KODAK Display Manager provides an encrypted 3-D LUT for use within CLIPSTER.

The 3-D LUT of CLIPSTER® works in real-time and can handle 8, 10, and 12 bit data. Files created in the finalizing step can apply the LUTs of the KODAK Display Manager System as well. Thus the material, pre-corrected for a certain monitor, can be stored on videotape and can be displayed with color adjustment even if the playing device does not provide color management with 3-D LUTs.

"DI work requires a particular clear idea of the visual results of every editing step," says Bernhard Reitz, Head of Product Management at DVS. "The one-stop DI solution CLIPSTER allows the editor to evaluate the look of his current project in highest quality up to 4K 16 bit in real-time. We are proud of having combined CLIPSTER's real-time 3-D LUT with KODAK Display Manager on the CLIPSTER system. It will permit our customers to simulate the final look of the film-master on his monitor in real-time via HD-SDI, DVI and analog output."

"Calibration is crucial when filmmakers are communicating about images," says Robert Mayson, general manager and vice president of image capture for Kodak's Entertainment Imaging division. "With the integration of KODAK Display Manager with CLIPSTER, collaborators working on film projects can see identical images regardless of locale or display equipment. We are proud to help stretch the boundaries of the creative process."

For more information on Kodak, visit www.kodak.com/go/motion

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