Aeroflex's IFR 3410 Series Signal Generators Speeds Test Times by 6X

3/21/2005 - Aeroflex has added List Mode as a new option to the IFR 3410 series signal generators, offering an increase in speed of up to six times for high-volume production testing. Speeding up testing times is critical in applications such as high volume RF semiconductor manufacturing and also when testing high-speed signals such as frequency hopping communication systems. In addition, Aeroflex has announced it is adding options for free pre-loaded waveform suites such as: CDMA2000, WLAN and GSM for all new IFR 3410 series orders.

List Mode Automates Frequency and Level Test Setups
The new IFR 3410 series List Mode option allows the user to create and use lists to automate testing sequences and decrease test time. Using List Mode decreases the carrier frequency setting time from 3ms using GPIB to 500µs—a 6X improvement. Fast frequency and RF level setting times are key parameters in achieving minimum test execution times and maximum throughput for production test. The IFR 3410 series provides an extremely fast mode for frequency and level settings through the use of these user-stored lists.

With List Mode, the user can create a list of frequencies and levels for a range of required tests. By filling out a table of desired frequencies and levels for testing, the user can automate testing of a variety of frequencies and levels. List Mode will calculate and store the internal instrument settings to achieve the required output signals.

Start testing right out of the box with pre-loaded waveforms
Optional pre-loaded waveform suites are now available for the IFR 3410 series. Waveform suites allow the user to start generating test signals right away, without having to re-create or download standard waveform signals. Waveform information is used by the IFR 3410’s dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) to provide users with a variety of RF waveform signal suites for common wireless test applications. Waveform suites available today include GSM, CDMA2000, UMTS, TETRA, WLAN including 802.11A and Bluetooth, satellite/cable, and digital cordless including DECT and PHS. Waveform suites are available free of charge at the time of order.

About the IFR 3410 series digital RF signal generator family
The IFR 3410 series digital RF signal generators are small and lightweight signal generators that combine wide frequency coverage from 250 kHz to 6 GHz with high-performance vector modulation, making them ideal for testing wireless communication systems and components. IQCreator RF waveform creation software is free with the purchase of any new IFR 3410 series instrument.

Delivery for an IFR 3410 series instrument with List Mode is seven weeks upon receipt of order. Please visit to view the 3410 data sheet and Tech Note on these options and for a free download of the IQCreator waveform creation software.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a global provider of high technology solutions to the aerospace, defence, cellular and broadband communications markets. The Company’s diverse technologies allow it to design, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of test, measurement and microelectronic products. The Company’s common stock trades on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol ARXX and is included in the S&P SmallCap 600 index. Additional information concerning Aeroflex Incorporated can be found on the Company’s website:

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