Roaming Messenger Enables Mobile Enterprise with MAGs

3/18/2005 - Roaming Messenger (OTCBB: RMSG) reports that industry research firm, The Gartner Group®, in an exhaustive study(1) of the elements associated with mobilizing office functions and communications, recently identified the Multichannel Access Gateway (MAG) as the key middleware component necessary to seamlessly mobilize the enterprise workforce.

Further, Gartner states that to effectively contain the costs associated with the mobilization of the entire enterprise, companies are going to need to design their systems to integrate multiple channels of communication -- encompassing wired and wireless devices. According to Gartner, mobile solutions not built on an extensible multichannel architecture by 2007 will cost twice as much over their deployment lifetime. And by 2008, 65 percent of mobile solutions will be built on MAGs as an integration and deployment platform(1).

Roaming Messenger's breakthrough mobile messaging technology provides this advanced functionality today.

Extending enterprise applications and systems to the mobile world will no longer be an option but a true necessity -- as important as high-speed Internet access has become. Enterprises thinking about deploying mobile projects must choose between tactical short-term offerings and mobile platforms that provide a strategic architecture for multiple implementations. Furthermore, given that the mobile world encompasses wired and wireless devices, enterprises must choose mobile platforms that support a multichannel architecture.

Gartner calls this next generation of middleware -- Multichannel Access Gateways (MAG).

MAGs facilitate wired and wireless connectivity to multiple, disparate, horizontal and vertical back-end systems. MAGs also span a wider set of devices (from PCs to phones), video and voice, with the ability to create applications that involved fused processes across these technology domains. The line between the wired and wireless worlds has blurred, therefore MAGs exist to allow back office applications to look at the wired and wireless world as one world, one context. By doing so, MAGs hide the complexities of implementations across multiple network types -- WAN, LAN, wireless LAN (WLAN) and wireless WAN (WWAN) -- and across an increasing range of mobile and fixed devices.

This is exactly what Roaming Messenger does with its breakthrough mobile messaging technology. It serves as a middleware platform, providing a single point of access to the wired and wireless worlds.

Mr. Jon Lei, Roaming Messenger's CEO, stated, "The Roaming Messenger Platform is a multichannel access gateway with core features and functions not found in any other platform for mobilizing enterprise applications. While existing platforms simply try to manage the various channels independently in a single system, Roaming Messenger employs a unique mobile agent, or 'messenger,' technology to fuse interactive channels into a single channel. As a result, the full power of smart device channels are leveraged with the appropriate model while legacy devices are supported in a multichannel context.

"The Roaming Messenger Platform architecture is designed to provide a generic platform for easy and cost effective integration into any horizontal or vertical application. Through its unique 'messenger' technology, the Roaming Messenger Platform is the only MAG on the market today that can deliver a range of active and static content functionality in a single extensible platform," concluded Mr. Lei.

This means today's corporations now have an easy and effective way to actively extend their core enterprise applications out to the mobile world; mobilizing not just data but entire business processes.

About Roaming Messenger
Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology that allows corporations and government agencies to mobilize information and business processes, while providing end-to-end, government grade security. The Company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that encapsulates workflow logic and data into "smart messengers" that roam across wired and wireless devices and track down the intended recipients. Roaming Messenger is easily integrated with existing applications, extending active functionality to the mobile world. It delivers powerful capabilities to any solution that requires real-time information to be communicated and interacted with dynamically in a highly secure manner, such as homeland security, emergency response, automation and control, enterprise messaging and business continuity.

(1) "MarktetScope: Multichannel Access Gateways" -- Gartner Inc. 2003

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