Aastra Debuts VentureIP Enterprise-Class, P2P, IP-based Phone System

3/15/2005 - Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: AAH), a leader in enterprise communication access products, extended its industry leadership with the launch of VentureIPTM – the first enterprise-class, P2P (peer-to-peer) IP-based phone system. Powered by Nimcat Networks’ nimX software, the system enables small to-medium business (SMBs) to install, operate and manage a full-featured phone system by simply plugging the VentureIP 480i telephone into their local area network (LAN). The system scales on a phone by phone basis and can be connected to the local PSTN via the VentureIP Gateway.

“We are pleased to offer the first IP-based, P2P system in our industry that meets the enterprise-class telephony needs of the SMB market,” said Hung Lam, director IP product portfolio at Aastra Telecom. “When a new VentureIP 480i telephone is added to the network, it independently recognizes all other VentureIP terminals and gateways on the network and instantly forms a trusted, virtual exchange – with the ability to interact with its peers and to connect to the PSTN. When a user connects a VentureIP 480i telephone into their data network, the device automatically configures itself, allowing calls to be made and received without any additional, complex setup or centralized server equipment. Additionally, through its connection to the LAN and the Internet, users have Web-based access to the VentureIP system to better manage their set’s options, as well as access to future software enhancements."

The VentureIP Gateway enables connectivity to the local PSTN. Each VentureIP Gateway supports up to four telephone lines, while multiple gateways can be supported on the same network. Just like the VentureIP480i telephone, the VentureIP Gateway is a self-aware device and automatically configures itself within the system.

“The VentureIP 480i and Gateway combination is an incredibly reliable, simple to install and cost-effective alternative to purchasing and managing a PBX phone system. Our full-featured telephones contain all of the logic of a PBX, and when networked together, create a system that can easily be scaled on a set by set basis at the end user’s pace,” said Steve Copeland, vice president of marketing at Aastra Telecom.

Key Features of the VentureIPTelephone System include:

Nimcat nimX-PoweredTM
Aastra’s VentureIP 480i and VentureIP Gateway devices leverage Nimcat Networks’ embedded software. Nimcat’s nimX – embedded, P2P call processing software – takes the intelligence usually found at the PBX and distributes it to end-user telephone sets. Call-control, conferencing, voice-mail and auto-attendant, among other key features, are all contained within and powered by the IP telephone.

Pricing & Availability
The system is available immediately from current Aastra distributors. Suggested retail pricing is $379.00 USD and $289.00 USD for the VentureIP 480i and the VentureIP Gateway respectively.

About Aastra Technologies
Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: “AAH”), headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada, develops and markets products and systems for accessing communication networks. Aastra’s products include a full-range of IP and traditional residential and business telephone terminals, enterprise Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), network access servers and high-quality digital video gateways. Aastra serves the majority of telephone companies and certain cable operators and broadcasters in North America and Europe, with a growing presence in South America and Asia. For more information on Aastra or its products, please visit the website at www.aastra.com

Aastra Technologies Limited, VentureIPTM 480i, VentureIPTM Gateway and any combinations thereof are the property of Aastra Technologies Limited. Nimcat Networks, nimX, and nimX-Powered are the property of Nimcat Networks, Inc.

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