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3/15/2005 - Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc, ASI, offers a very broad range of inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, ring, magnetic, high-temperature, and many other types of sensors. But, finding the right sensor for the application is only half the job. You still have to determine how you are going to wire the sensor; match the signal type, provide power, and maybe get reflectors or beam changers and more. ASI addresses these needs for sensor accessories, simplifying your application and saving you time and money. Here are just a few of the ASI sensor accessories that may make sense in your next application.

NPN and PNP Signal Polarity Inverter
Have you ever been in a position where the sensor signal does not match that of your controller? Here is a valuable little device that snaps onto a DIN rail and within a matter of seconds can convert either an NPN or PNP signal to match that of your controller. At a cost of under $20.00 the CI-NPN/PNP is a module that many customers now keep on hand just to solve those nasty last minute problems, such as signal conversion. The pricing and specifications can be found on

3-Wire Sensor Terminal Block
Sure other people offer 3-wire sensor terminal blocks, but do they come complete with no additional accessories required? The answer is no and if you have ever wired up competitive sensor terminal blocks you know that they are time consuming and the accessories are very expensive. The TLS from ASI comes complete with a jumpering system built right into the terminal block. We call it the LOCK system. You just slide the terminal blocks beside each other and then add a 3 level TLD terminal block for power connections and you are finished! The TLS sensor terminal block is even offered with LED indication. Not only will you save a lot of time with this product, you will save a lot of money when compared to the competition. Check out for pricing and specifications.

Low-Cost Sensor Cables
If you have decided to use a connector style of sensor then you will need to find a cable to run from the sensor to the controller. This may be an issue as most companies offer the cable in a standard 2 meter length while the ASI cable is 5 meters in length. It is easier to cut back a 5 meter cable than grow a 2 meter cable! The cost from most competitors is in the high teens to over $20.00 against ASI cables at less than $8.00. Check us out. You will see that we are talking high quality cables with all of the same features offered by other manufacturers.

High Quality, Low-Cost, UL508 Power Supplies
Most sensor applications today call for a 24 VDC power supply. ASI certainly has this covered and much more. We offer one of the most complete lines of industrial power supplies on the market. They are compact in design, snap onto a DIN rail, offer all types of features such as pluggable connections, LED indication, over voltage and over current protection and more. We offer a range for 1 amp to 30 amps, in single and three phase and as well as those designed for parallel operation. If you check out the power supply section at we are sure you will find the right supply for use with your sensors.

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