TurboTools Releases Next Generation CablEquity System CAD EDA Tools

3/15/2005 - With release of CablEquityTM, the first product in the SystemEquityTM family, TurboToolsTM Corporation is the first company in the industry that introducing the next generation of engineering automation solutions that go beyond the capabilities of traditional EDA applications. The SystemEquity is defining the new market segment for EDA tools called System CAD or SCAD.

TurboTools views SCAD as an entirely new method of managing system design and manufacturing processes. Design of modern electro-mechanical equipment has become a complex task where competitive pressures demand rapid introduction of innovative products. To be a market leader a company has to operate quickly and efficiently reducing costs and streamlining the take to market process. The challenges are therefore to improve the speed and effectiveness of the product development process, radically reduce the time taken to create new innovative designs, and provide significant savings across every part of the design to manufacturing cycle. Early adopters of CablEquity reported numerous competitive advantages and business benefits:

Bridging the gap between MCAD and ECAD
While traditional software tools have provided support to individual parts of the design process but have offered little in the way of true integration, CablEquity not only bridges the gap between MCAD and ECAD tools, but also manages both disciplines under one umbrella. By providing seamless imports and export to and from leading CAD tools CablEquity eliminates opportunities for human mistakes.

Accelerated take to market process
The CablEquity’s interactive design environment reengineers the electrical design process so that a higher quality of design can be achieved in a much shorter period of time. Engineers can easily design, represent and verify the entire electrical system working through a series of steps that capture and enforce design requirements.

Rapid return on investment
Drastically reducing the time required to design and document complex hardware electrical systems while having an incredibly short learning curve, CablEquity is a revolutionary tool that allows engineers to develop new products much quicker than before. Since the time required to generate all supporting documentation is reduced from days to minutes, the tool overcomes the traditional inefficiency from resistance to changes in specifications. Costly post-production mistakes are eliminated by validation at the concept stage.

Streamlined business processes
As a true SCAD system, CablEquity allows optimization of the design process across the full spectrum of design challenges such as components cost, electro-mechanical parameters, weight minimization, and so on. In addition, powerful PLM capabilities enable leveraging of previous designs and encapsulating preferred design methodologies in future products.

To optimize operational efficiency and minimize development costs, electronics and technology companies need to automate key business processes associated with their product lifecycle. An integrated design environment, or SCAD, is guaranteed to accelerate product introduction, improve product margins, or integrate a complex supply chain. SCAD tools, when mature enough, will take the leading role in the design and manufacturing cycle.

For on-line evaluation of fully functional CablEquityTM contact TurboToolsTM Corporation at (415) 759-5599 or visit www.turbotools.com to schedule FREE server access.

About TurboTools Corporation
Established in 1999 with main offices in San Francisco CA, since 2002 TurboToolsTM Corporation has been revolutionizing design, documenting and manufacturing processes for Hardware Electrical Systems through innovative, proprietary products and technologies. The company is a leader in the Electronic Interconnection, EDA, CAD/CAM and PLM markets. TurboToolsTM currently offers industry-leading products for designing any kind of electromechanical process equipment, instrumentation, assemblies, systems and products for any industry worldwide. For further information about TurboToolsTM Corporation and advanced technology included with CablEquityTM visit TurboToolsTM web site at www.turbotools.com.

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