Mimer SQL Mobile Ports to Nokia Series 60 Platform

3/14/2005 - Mimer Information Technology AB released Mimer SQL Mobile for smart phones running Nokia's Series 60 Platform, built on the Symbian OSTM, the open global industry standard operating system for advanced mobile phones. With the availability of Mimer SQL Mobile for the Series 60 Platform, developers of applications for smart phones from leading mobile phone manufacturers including Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, and Siemens can benefit from the Mimer SQL Mobile database server. A development and evaluation version of Mimer SQL Mobile for the Series 60 Platform is available for free downloads from the Mimer SQL web site (www.mimer.com).

By extending its Mimer SQL Mobile database technology to Nokia's Series 60 Platform, Mimer Information Technology makes it possible for software developers to build advanced mobile database solutions for Symbian OS-based mobile phones from LG Electronics, Lenovo, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens. Mimer SQL Mobile for the Series 60 Platform on Symbian OS is a full-fledged DBMS server with support for data compression, multimedia data and standard interface connectivity. The product also includes features like multi-user database access and 100% industry standard SQL -- full transactional support, stored procedures and triggers -- features otherwise only found in high-end DBMSs. Mimer SQL Mobile also includes support for efficient and economical mobile client access to database servers using GPRS and 3G, making it possible to offer database services to large numbers of mobile clients simultaneously communicating with server databases.

"We see a large potential for Mimer SQL Mobile on Nokia's Series 60 Platform, since time to market is very important for all solution providers, and by using Mimer SQL Mobile, they can develop more feature-rich solutions for Symbian OS-based mobile phones in a shorter time," said Stefan Eck, Product Manager, Mimer Information Technology. "The open standards of Symbian OS together with Mimer SQL's interoperability and high conformance to database standards is a very attractive combination," concludes Stefan Eck.

Mimer SQL Mobile is already available for smart phones using UIQ on Symbian OS. This includes phones from Arima, Benq, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. A beta version of Mimer SQL Mobile 9.2 for Nokia.s Series 60 Platform on Symbian OS is available for free download from the Mimer SQL web site www.mimer.com.

About Mimer Information Technology AB
Mimer Information Technology is a world leader in the field of zero maintenance DBMSs. The three products in the Mimer SQL family Mimer SQL Mobile, Mimer SQL Embedded and Mimer SQL Engine are primarily targeted at developers of volume products. Mimer SQL Mobile is a zero maintenance multi-user DBMS that enables you to deploy complete database applications on hand-held devices, mobile phones and other small appliances. Mimer SQL Mobile can also transform your handheld device into an application server for multiple clients. The company is part of the Upright Group. For further information about Mimer SQL Mobile, visit www.mimer.com

Mimer is the trademark of Mimer Information Technology AB.

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