Ikivo Animator Takes Mobile SVG Content Authoring to New Era

3/11/2005 - Ikivo AB (formerly ZOOMON), the leading provider of Mobile SVG tools including the Ikivo SVG Player, announced Ikivo Animator for Windows, a Mobile SVG software application for producing high-quality SVG Tiny animations. Designed to work with Adobe® Creative Suite, Ikivo Animator integrates smoothly with Adobe Illustrator® CS and Adobe GoLive® CS to help designers and developers rapidly design, animate, test, and deploy rich Mobile SVG content to mass-market devices.

"The release of Ikivo Animator strongly enhances the existing mobile content design workflow in the Adobe Creative Suite," said Mark Hilton, senior director of product management for Creative Professionals at Adobe. "SVG Tiny is a versatile open standard for creating unique user experiences on mobile devices and has become a critical requirement for mobile operators like Vodafone and device manufacturers like Sony Ericsson and Siemens. The ombination of Ikivo Animator and Adobe Creative Suite gives our customers a highly effective toolset for mobile SVG content development."

Ikivo Animator enables designers to move, scale, rotate, and change the attributes of SVG Tiny content over time, as well as to embed interactivity. As designers work in Ikivo Animator, they can precisely preview the results for targeted mobile devices, significantly reducing the effort previously involved in preparing Mobile SVG graphics. Illustrator CS and GoLive CS complement Ikivo Animator by providing the additional tools needed to design the source SVG graphics (which are converted to SVG Tiny in Animator) and to deploy the final SVG Tiny animations effectively.

By producing a richer graphical experience, Ikivo Animator can help designers and developers tap into the potential for creating high-value business and consumer mobile services. For example, designers can create news feeds that include visual information, design sophisticated location-based services, and ensure that documents display in a clear, readable format on mobile devices. From infotainment to financial services, maps, games, and more, interactive SVG Tiny animations open the door for more effective creation and distribution of graphically compelling mobile content.

"With Ikivo Animator for animation and Ikivo SVG Player for playback, the full potential of SVG can now be realized," said Magnus Zetterberg, vice president of sales and marketing at Ikivo. "By using Ikivo Animator together with Adobe Creative Suite, designers can finally start producing the vast array of business, infotainment and messaging applications long envisaged but never quite delivered. As leaders in the evolution of the Mobile SVG standard, Ikivo is delighted that all the tools are now in place to deliver the level of user experience the market has long been seeking. This is another step to a more profitable future for the whole mobile community."

Ikivo Animator for Windows is available immediately through Ikivo's online store (www.ikivo.com) and Adobe's online store (www.adobe.com) for $349 (U.S.). Ikivo expects to ship Ikivo Animator for the Mac OS in the first quarter 2005.

About Scalable Vector Graphics
SVG is a platform independent 2D vector graphics standard defined by the World Wide Web consortium (W3C). The SVG Tiny specification contains a subset of the complete standard that allows for the constrained resources of mobile handsets and is now the mandatory format for personal messaging. Because Mobile SVG is an XML-based vector graphics standard, mobile graphics can be dynamically resized to fit any device without distorting the content and then transmitted over 2.x and 3G-based mobile networks. Ikivo, in conjunction with Adobe and other leading companies, such as Nokia and Sony-Ericsson, has been at the forefront of developing the true subset of the full desktop-based SVG within a specialist W3C workgroup.

About Ikivo
Ikivo (formerly Zoomon), based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading developer of software solutions for Mobile SVG. These solutions address the needs of mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators, empowering them to create and enable rich compelling media services for mass-market mobile phones. Core products include the Ikivo SVG Player, a standards-compliant technology that allows phone manufacturers to enable their devices for Mobile SVG, and Ikivo Animator, a professional content creation tool that integrates into different design workflows to animate static SVG content for mobile phones. Ikivo is an active participant in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and has been instrumental in driving industry standards and shaping the future of mobile graphics. For more information, visit www.ikivo.com or email sales@www.ikivo.com

Adobe, GoLive, and Illustrator are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Ikivo is a trademark of Ikivo AB.

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