MEN Micro Debuts 3U cPCI Card for Embedded Transportation Applications

3/10/2005 - A new rugged 3U Compact PCI (cPCI) module for embedded applications from MEN Micro ( features an eight-channel Fast Ethernet switch. Intended for transportation communication applications, MEN’s new F301 has an integrated Fast Ethernet switch and an optional ninth Fast Ethernet port that interfaces to the cPCI bus.

“Many next generation railcars, airplanes, buses and other transportation vehicles need an onboard communication system or network,” said Ernest Godsey, president of MEN Micro, Inc. “The F301 was specifically designed for tough transportation applications like railways. It meets the demanding requirements of the European railway standard, EN 50155.”

The F301 has a doublewide (8U) front panel that accommodates eight RJ45 Ethernet connectors. If sturdier D-Sub connectors are preferred, a version of the F301 with six 9-pin D-Sub connectors can support six Ethernet ports on one doublewide 3U CompactPCI card. Since the F301 operates as an unmanaged device it is not recognized by other cPCI devices on the bus, drawing power only from the cPCI backplane. Thus, no additional software is needed to operate the switch.

The F301 can also be equipped with a ninth Ethernet port. As an option, this port can be connected to an onboard Ethernet controller which is accessed via the cPCI bus (J1) or the Ethernet signals of the ninth port can be routed through the cPCI J2 connector for rear access to the ninth port.

The F301 can operate over the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees C. In addition, the F301 is available with conformal coating for added protection from contaminants in harsh environments.

Pricing and Availability
The F301 is available now from MEN Micro, Inc. Pricing starts at $475 for single units. In the United States, MEN Micro products are sold through a national network of technical manufacturer's representatives. For sales information, call 512-267-8883, send faxes to 512-267-8803 or email For more information on the F301, this press release, a product photo and collateral materials are available at

About MEN Micro
MEN designs, manufactures and sells board-level industrial real-time and embedded computer products. The flexibility inherent in MEN’s standard products allows system platforms to be custom configured for a wide range of applications. In addition, the company develops custom boards and systems for OEMs, end users and system integrators. MEN’s products include Embedded System Modules (ESM), VMEbus and CompactPCI compute platforms with Intel Pentium, Motorola 68000 or PowerPC processors, and a wide selection of M-Module or PC·MIP mezzanine I/O modules. The MEN product lines support the most widely used operating systems, including Windows NT, VxWorks, OS-9, QNX and Linux.

MEN was founded in 1982 in Nürnberg, Germany, as MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH. The company has subsidiaries in France, MEN Mikro Elektronik SA; the United Kingdom, MEN Micro, Ltd., and the United States, MEN Micro, Inc. A network of technical distributors services and supports the rest of the world.

Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. OS-9 is a trademark of Microware Corporation. VxWorks is a trademark of WindRiver Corporation.

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