Embedded Solution Partners Unveils Solution for Secure Distributed Computing

3/9/2005 - Embedded Solution Partners, LLC, announced the availability of Solution for Secure Distributed Computing (SolutionSDC), an approach that allows distributed applications to share information across networks without subjecting that information to breaches in security. SolutionSDC is based on an integration of Real-Time Innovations' NDDS data-critical system platform and TeamF1's V-IPSecure, an implementation of IPSec and IKE for IPv4/v6. Embedded Solution Partners has close partnerships with Real-Time Innovations and TeamF1.

"From aerospace and defense to telecommunications and industrial control, we are seeing a proliferation of distributed systems involving anywhere from just a few to hundreds of devices," said Curt Schacker, chief executive officer of Embedded Solution Partners. "Developers need a way to facilitate seamless peer-to-peer communications among these devices while ensuring that shared information is safe from eavesdropping, tampering and unauthorized access."

Real-Time Innovations' NDDS is network middleware that simplifies the development of distributed real-time applications. NDDS presents application developers with a publish-subscribe model that removes the complexity from one-to-many communications, distributes data quickly and efficiently over standard networks, supports automatic discovery and provides automatic hot swap substitution.

V-IPSecure from TeamF1 is a high-performance, lean, flexible implementation of the IPsec and IKE protocol suite, which provides IP extensions needed for security at the network layer (layer 3). Because IPsec protocols secure the connection at the network layer, NDDS-based applications are automatically secured.

"The need for a simple and reliable way to communicate real-time information enables our customers to build powerful distributed systems," stated Stan Schneider, chief executive officer for Real-Time Innovations. "At the same time, we need to help insure that solutions are available that provide security mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of these highly sensitive applications. Embedded Solution Partners has demonstrated an ability to take standards-based products and provide the customer with a fully integrated, innovative solution for secure distributed computing."

"Because we take a standards-based approach to all of our products, including V-IPSecure, we felt confident that NDDS would easily be able to take advantage of our security offerings," stated Mukesh Lulla, president of TeamF1. "SolutionSDC represents an ideal example of leveraging industry standards in an innovative way to solve a very real problem."

SolutionSDC supports leading embedded operating systems, including VxWorks and Linux. For more information, contact Embedded Solution Partners at www.esolpartners.com. For more information about NDDS, please visit www.esolpartners.com/prd/prd001b.html. For more information about V-IP Secure, see www.esolpartners.com/prd/prd006c.html.

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