Aldec Rolls Out Riviera-IPT with Support for ARM926 Hardcore Processor

3/7/2005 - Aldec, Inc., a pioneer in mixed-language simulation and advanced design tools for ASIC and FPGA devices, announced the release of Riviera-IPT with all-new support for the ARM926 hardcore processor including functionality for SMART Clocking and Memory Mapping. Riviera-IPT provides a seamless, high-speed co-verification and debug environment for today’s most complex embedded software/hardware system-designs utilizing ARM.

Riviera-IPT with ARM provides a hardware accelerated simulation of the ARM926 processor integrated with a software debugging environment that results in a complete high-speed co-verification platform. The ARM hardware processor model ensures the highest verification accuracy with debugging, similar to emulation systems, while the acceleration speeds the peripheral simulation time. This hardware/software combination leads to the most efficient co-verification solution available.

ARM926 Integrator
Riviera-IPT now includes support for the ARM 926 EJ-S integrator board, providing access to the actual processor used in the most popular platform-based OS devices such as new generation smart phones, communicators, PDA’s, digital cameras and A/V decoders. The hardcore processor and integrator board connect directly to the Riviera-IPT accelerator and both are controlled by the Design Verification Manager (DVM). Riviera-IPT’s Design Verification Manager connects the HDL simulator, software debugger, acceleration board and the ARM processor from a single environment and provides the designer with easy access to all logic states for analysis and debug. Standard hardware debugging is provided via Riviera, while the ARM processor utilizes the standard ARM debugging software.

SMART Clocking
A new SMART Clocking mode is available in Riviera-IPT. SMART Clocking is a switching mechanism for the ARM processor allowing the designer to combine emulation speed with simulation functionality. The AMBA bus works with the hardware clock to ensure the highest verification speed while simultaneously switching between the software clock (delivered from the testbench) when it is required by the system. This occurs while debugging the peripherals in the software simulator. The clock switching mechanism provides the engineer with dynamic peripheral configuration for simulation, either with software or hardware, for increased efficiency.

Memory Mapping
Riviera-IPT also includes support for memory mapping and partitioning to physical onboard memories. This extended memory support allows the designer to emulate various RAM architectures in a single device while at the same time substantially reducing the simulator overhead that would normally be required to handle these memories. It also allows the simulator to verify the entire memory space in a shorter amount of time. As much as 12 GB of RAM is available for emulation of the most popular DDRs, SRAMs and SDRAMs.

"Using the new generation of Riviera-IPT with ARM provides design teams with a new level of control and functionality while substantially reducing the verification time,” stated Eric Seabrook, director of marketing for Aldec. “Riviera-IPT combines the best in an HDL simulator with software debug, hardware acceleration as well as a processor in a seamless environment,” Seabrook added.

Pricing and Availability
Riviera-IPT 2004.12 with ARM is available today based on a floating OS-independent license that supports UNIX, Windows and Linux. Pricing starts at $90,000 for one year, or the product can be leased per quarter. It is sold directly by Aldec in the U.S. and by authorized international distributors.

About Riviera-IPT
Riviera-IPT is a software/hardware co-verification solution based on Aldec’s industry-proven VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and SystemC mixed-language simulation technology, Design Verification Manager, and a hardware accelerator with capacity up to 12 million gates. Riviera-IPT accelerates the verification process of ASIC and FPGA designs combined with the software development cycle reducing future integration errors and improving time-to-market. It supports IEEE VHDL 1076-87/93 and VITAL 2000 in addition to Verilog 1364-2001, SystemVerilog, SystemC and Assertion-based Verification. The ARM processors are sold separately from ARM Limited or an authorized worldwide distributor. The ARM920T and 926EJ-S are currently supported with the ARM1136J series coming later this year.

About Aldec
Aldec, Inc., a 21-year EDA tool provider, is committed to delivering high-performance, HDL-based design verification software for UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Aldec is dedicated and responsive to serving its customers’ needs with its offices located around the globe. Continuous innovation, superior product quality and total commitment to customer service comprise the foundation of Aldec’s strategic objectives. Additional information about Aldec is available at

Riviera and Incremental Prototyping Technology are trademarks of Aldec, Inc. ARM is a registered trademark of ARM Limited.

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