Emcore Makes Breakthrough in 1550nm Video Transmission Technology

3/7/2005 - Emcore Corporation (Nasdaq: EMKR), a leading provider of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite, and wireless communications markets, announced a dramatic breakthrough in 1550nm video transmission technology. This new generation of video transmitters will significantly reduce size, power consumption, and video transmission costs, while enhancing the signal quality of analog, digital and IP video delivered over conventional CATV hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) and FTTx networks.

Current generation transmitters use a continuous wave (CW) laser coupled with an external modulator as the video signal source. To achieve high fidelity, significant electronic linearization must be applied to the modulator. Conventional direct modulated lasers are inherently more linear, but are not suitable for video transmission over long distances due to their lower spectral purity. This low spectral purity promotes fiber dispersion-induced distortions.

Emcore's new transmitters make use of a disruptive revolutionary design of directly modulated lasers. These lasers retain the inherent linear capabilities, but also achieve a high level of spectral purity, similar to externally modulated sources. This make the lasers ideal for transmission of high fidelity RF signals over long distances of optical fiber. Compared to externally modulated sources, these new lasers are also capable of a higher degree of modulation, guaranteeing increased signal strength.

"We believe these transmitters will replace conventional externally modulated transmitters," Dr. Hong Hou, Vice President and General Manager of Emcore.s Ortel division commented. "Our customers are faced with the ever growing need to deliver higher performing solutions while reigning in costs. This new generation of transmitters addresses these pressing market needs while providing outstanding performance, making them ideal for delivering RF-based video in triple play FTTx networks, as well as in conventional CATV HFC networks."

The features of these transmitters include a reach distance of up to 65 km with up to 10 dBm output power. Ultra high SBS suppression (23 dBm) can be achieved for over 20 km FTTx applications. These new 1550nm transmitter products are also very compact and consume much less power than external modulation units. The full product families will be available in Q2 2005. For more information on these products and Emcore, please visit www.emcore.com or call Chris Larocca at (626) 293-3766.

About Emcore
Emcore Corporation offers a broad portfolio of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite, and wireless communications markets. The company's integrated solutions philosophy embodies state-of-the-art technology, material science expertise, and a shared vision of our customer's goals and objectives to be leaders in the transport of voice, data, and video over copper, hybrid fiber/coax (HFC), fiber, satellite, and wireless networks. Emcore's solutions include: optical components and subsystems for fiber-to-the-premise, cable television, and high speed data and telecommunications networks; solar cells, solar panels, and fiber optic ground station links for global satellite communications; and electronic materials for high bandwidth wireless communications systems, such as Wi-Fi Internet access and cell phones. Through its joint venture participation in GELcore, LLC, Emcore plays a vital role in developing and commercializing next-generation High-Brightness LED technology for use in the general and specialty illumination markets.

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