Telchemy Rolls Out Video Module for VQmon Quality Monitoring Software

3/3/2005 - Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in VoIP Fault and Performance Management technology, announced a new Video Module for it's widely deployed VQmon® family of call quality monitoring and analysis software. The VQmon/SA-VM (Video Module) adds real time monitoring and diagnostics for streaming video and next generation video conferencing applications to Telchemy's VQmon®/SA (Stream Analysis) product.

Specifically, the new module supports the analysis of ISO MPEG standards and ITU H.26x video Codecs and features Video Transmission Quality Metrics (V factor) and Video Quality Scores (VQS) in addition to the core VQmon/SA metrics. V factors provide network administrators with an easy to use view of the IP channel's capability to support video transmissions; VQS provides a codec dependent objective quality score ranging from 1 to 5, analogous to a MOS score.

Telchemy will demonstrate their new VQmon/SA-VM Video Module as well as their SQprobe and VQmon SA technologies at Spring VON 2005, Exhibitor Booth 820, San Jose, CA, Convention Center.

"By adding video support to VQmon, Telchemy now provides its customers with Multimedia Fault and Performance Management covering streaming video, video conferencing, in addition to narrow and wide band voice applications," said Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy, Incorporated. "We now offer our customers a comprehensive set of Fault and Performance Management monitoring solutions for all their real-time multimedia needs."

Telchemy's new VQmon/SA-VM, Version 2.2, will be available in late April through leading networking, test and management partner companies.

About VQmon/SA
VQmon/SA technology is embedded in mid-stream network routers and switches and in VoIP test equipment, e.g., probes and analyzers, to provide fast, accurate, real-time analysis of VoIP calls. The software generates call quality and packet-related metrics, including: listening and conversational quality scores and detailed diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter. VQmon/SA supports the IETF RFC 3611 (RTCP XR) Protocol and the new QoS reporting protocols for ITU's H.323, H.248 and G.799.1 standards.

About Telchemy Incorporated
Telchemy Incorporated is the global leader in VoIP Fault & Performance Management Technology with its VQmon and SQmon families of call quality monitoring and analysis software. Telchemy is the world's first company to provide voice quality management technology that consider the effects of time-varying network impairments and the perceptual effects of time-varying call quality. Founded in 1999, the company has products deployed and in use worldwide and markets its technology through leading networking, test and management product companies. Visit

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