Kontron Unveils Industry's First VME CPU Board with Freescale MPC854

3/1/2005 - With the VMP3, Kontron Modular Computers introduces the world's first 3U VME CPU board with the Freescale PowerQUICC III RISC processor MPC8541. The PowerPC board with a maximum clock-rate of 660 MHz is distinguished by outstanding performance (1520 MIPS at 660 MHz according to Dhrystone 2.1) with reduced energy consumption (10W at 660 MHz), and also offers two integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports. The board is thus perfectly tailored to the demands of current applications: increasing software complexity requires ever higher computer performance, and increased networking raises the demands on network bandwidth and security. The latter is covered by the Hardware Security Engine, which is integrated into the processor and supports encryption in accordance with IPSec, DES, 3Des and AES. These features, along with the very fast DDR-SDRAM, make the VMP3 a universal processor card for computing-intensive real-time applications in, for example, automation, transportation and military technology.

The 100 x 160 mm board has up to 256 MB of directly soldered DDR-SDRAM, 16 MB Flash, 1MB buffered SRAM, and EProm for user and configuration data. A slot for Compact Flash memory cards is optional. The two Gigabit Ethernet ports are supplemented by a Fast Ethernet interface and a serial port. A JTAG/BDM interface is provided for debugging and on-board programming. Additional features are Watchdog, real-time clock, and a temperature sensor. The VMP3 is designed for a temperature range from 0C to 60C, and optionally available for the extended range from -40C to +85C.

Available software support includes an operating system-independent bootloader with network support, as well as a Linux and VxWorks board support package.

The VMP3 is available as of March, 2005.

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